Laffy Meets the (Associated) Press

So there I was doing my usual Twitter thing, when I looked up to see a tweet to me from the Associated Press asking me to email them. As they say on the Twitter Machine, "Wut?" It turns out-- imagine my surprise-- the Rachel Maddow Show recommended me to the AP, who subsequently interviewed me (the designated liberal), as well as a conservative man--a (gulp!) Cruz supporter-- about which media sources we rely on for our information. Yes, I was nervous. Then they wanted to put us together on a conference call. Yes, I was even more nervous. I resisted because [...]

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5-17-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Trust No One (Especially the Media)

Mid-way through reading David Dayen's book, "Chain of Title," Nicole Sandler is thrilled to welcome the journalist and author to the show to discuss the foreclosure fraud that scammed the nation (and continues today). Plus the media continues lying about the presidential race, and She's History's Amy Simon discusses sexism in today's political world and more.

Proof that hypocritical GOP cares nothing about protecting us from ISIS

For years, Rachel Maddow has been reporting on the willful obstructionism of Republican Congress members on all kinds of Democratic bills and, of course, any and all things proposed by President Obama. And with each GOP block, we Dems have become angrier and more frustrated. But now.I mean.Come on.Now. Now it's deadly serious. Now it's even more urgent.Now it's a matter of national security.The hypocrisy on the right is jaw-droppingly, stupidly, nauseatingly blatant, especially in light of all their chest pounding, big "tough" talk, belittling of President Obama's policies, faux bravado, threats, and misguided compulsion to "carpet bomb" Daesh (AKA ISIS, Islamic [...]

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11-9-15 Nicole Sandler Show – F Words

It's Monday, the first day after a news-making Friday. Nicole recaps all that went on, from the No KXL announcement, Ben Carson’s media meltdown, and the big Dem Forum. Plus Andrew Nikiforuk tells us about a case against fracking in Canada detailed in his new book " Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider's Stand against the World's Most Powerful Industry”

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TRUMP Finally Acts a Politician Over Univision Anchor’s #ObjectionableEjection

Sack. Star Tribune   Trump used Political Reverse gear. Right near the close of The Summer of TRUMP. For once, I saw me something Live from The Donald that has to have been the exposure of his hate-camouflage's major death knell: he kicked out an also heavily-accented -- if soft-spoken in relation to TRUMP -- and beloved but relatively unassuming main news anchor Jorge Amos,  sputtering acidly "Go back to Univision [or wherever ]" … … and the reporter WAS from Univision.  Although Jorge Amos is technically Mexican-American and we don't know yet how TRUMP falls on 'those'. [...]

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19 Railroad Cars of Oil Blew Up … and Left Still Burnin’ in West Virginia

  In 2015.  This isn't some Depression Era cautionary singalong. Happened the day before yesterday. Seriously. Neon mushroom clouds that the locals had, prior to this oil-rail debacle, only seen in movies were West Virginians first clue that more snow than usual was not their worst problem this February. Their worst problem was this: a regular-route, thought to have 'modern' tank-car-hauling train, moving more than 100 tankers of crude oil from North Dakota to the Eastern seaboard, derailed, spilled oil into the nearby river … then exploded into the aforementioned super-balls of flame near the ironically named Mount Carbon, W.V.. [...]

Maddow on Bearding Defeat and Romney’s Revolting Re-reduxing

A hopefully satisfying morning quickie. Maddow had one of her more deft and deeply hilarious segments that serve as satire on messnbc last evening, wherein she segued from the Beard Giveaway in Political Machinations to the unfathomable matter of Mittens. As we know and are gagging over (my left leg is half asleep in anticipation), Romney is allegedly about to strap the current family dog back on the luxe car roof and re-enter the presidential primary Fray. A tad frayed but with hair still coiffed to an inch of its life and ready to run. Take it away, Rachel. The [...]

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The Problem with Democrats

Nicole talks about the Democrats habit of self sabotage, underscored by their ridiculous vote on the Keystone XL pipeline last night. Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak joins in to discuss the latest news, and Global Trade Watch's Melinda St. Louis updates us on the Trans Pacific Partnership

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The GOP Systematically Defunded America Into Unpreparedness

  Now we know what happens when we elect spite and ignorance to Congress and beyond. If you had to guess how many upper echelon, budget-busting hospital beds were open for infectious disease treatment across the country, would it be fairly accurate given how much we have learned about Ebola these last weeks? I'd have estimated at least two or three hundred beds/high tech suites and appropriate staff, nationally. Damn. I'd have been off by a heart-stopping amount, as Rachel Maddow informed us this week … there are, in fact, a total of ten such beds. And four are presently [...]

Radio or Not Pricque o’ the Week

U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter, Republican Patriot from California, has no apparent Intelligence. In either lingual case. You see, according to the good and mad Representative, ISIL is now hopping willy nilly over the (sanz enough prophylactic measures for the Lipton Brigade and the lingering, desperate GOP pursers and hawkers) southern border. Says the news-breaker slash pol who just wants HIS country back, and will apparently ask us to suspend disbelief long enough to incorporate the latest science fiction into his tribe's 'news' cycle. Rachel Maddow chose this juicy bit of balderdash to highlight in Debunktion Junction Wednesday evening, a segment [...]

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