1-15-21 Nicole Sandler Show – 2020’s Progressive Honor Roll and More w John Nichols

Download here or click below to play     The year 2020 was pretty awful as years go, but there were a few bright spots and silver linings. Every year, The Nation publishes their Progressive Honor Roll and John Nichols joins me to discuss who made the list. He'll be with us today to go over 2020's MVPs, and to talk a bit about the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in today. As usual, we started with the latest news, a few mini rants from me. One was about Katie Porter being taken OFF the House Financial Services Committee (WTF [...]

1-14-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Impeached Again Thursday with Howie Klein

Download here or click below to play     Donald Trump will go down in history as the only president to be impeached twice! That was the proper response for Trump's incitement of insurrection in the Capitol last Wednesday. For some reason (lack of a soul or a brain, perhaps), some Republicans went back into the chamber last week after their lives were threatened by the insurgents, and voted NOT to certify the electoral college results. Just incredible. As was the action of some of them who helped the terrorists who stormed the Capitol. When something serious happens, I often [...]

1-13-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Impotus x2

Download here or click below to play     It figures. Trump is impeached again- the first time in history a president is impeached a second time, and my internet went down. Thanks AT&T! At least it wasn't only me, they were down all over South Florida, as if that makes it any better? I did my best under less than ideal circumstances. I tried connecting to the internet through my cell phone's mobile hotspot (thankfully I don't have ATT as my cell provider), and that helped a bit... My internet returned up shortly before the end of the show, [...]

1-12-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Terrifying Tuesday with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   It's terrifying because Trump's cult followers are in the midst of a coup attempt to overthrow our government that began in earnest last Wednesday at the Capitol. The House has begun impeachment proceedings, but Trump still occupies the White House for 8 more days. So, terrifying Tuesday it is... and @GottaLaff is here to help me try to make sense of our fucked up world today. Today's funny came from Jonathan Mann who produces a song a day for YouTube-- this one with a bit of help from Bernie Sanders! https://youtu.be/38QbnCoZdj0 And [...]

1-11-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Impeachment, Insurrection, Incompetence

Download here or click below to play     The Democrats introduced an article of impeachment against Trump this morning. They're charging him with inciting a mob of his supporters to carry out a violent attack on the Capitol in a bid to overturn Joe Biden's election victory, also known as insurrection. The incompetence portion of the program today is dedicated to Floriduh, as the Florida Democratic Party has proven itself to be just that. Today, I'm joined by two guests. First, Brendan O'Connor, author of the forthcoming book, Blood Red Lines: How Nativism Fuels the Right. Brendan has a [...]

1-8-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Blowing Off Steam Friday without Jeff Daniels

Download here or click below to play   It's Friday, and some of us made it through this week. What a week it was. The sitting president incited his cult followers to insurrection. I'll have the latest news on the efforts to keep the traitor Trump from damaging our nation any further in the 12 days left before he's evicted from the White House. After the very serious news, I'll correct a case of mistaken identity-- it WASN'T Jeff Daniels, but really a talented man named Bruce W. Nelson! (Follow the link to his YouTube channel and tons of great [...]

1-7-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Insurrection Aftermath Thursday with Howie Klein

Download here or click below to play   The day we've been dreading for four years happened yesterday. The scary thing is that we still have 13 days of terror ahead of us if something is not done about the cult leader occupying the oval office first. Today, both Schumer and Pelosi called for Trump to be removed by the 25th Amendment or threatened that they'll start impeachment proceedings again. It's Thursday, so Howie Klein is back with us. We have much to talk about today. https://youtu.be/3p6U855qCWQ

1-6-21 Nicole Sandler Show – IMPOTUS Insurrection

Today's show started early because Trump's flying monkeys stormed the Capitol. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. So I went live starting at around 3:40 ET this afternoon as DC was under siege and law enforcement was nowhere to be found. This is the first part of the show: Download here or click below to play At 5pm, I welcomed the Progressive Voices network to the show, continuing covering this insanity. Harvey J. Kaye joined me too. Here's that hour: Download here or click below to play   I'm exhausted. This was a fucked up day. But I'm [...]

1-5-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Georgia on Our Minds Tuesday with GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   It's Election Day in Georgia, and this election will determine which party controls the US Senate. Literally everything in on the line today. And tomorrow, the outgoing president will attempt a coup to overturn the will of the people who voted him out of office in the last election. And it's the first Tuesday of 2021, so @GottaLaff is here as usual to join me as we try to make sense of it all... or make fun of it all... Our funny today came from the wonderful J-L Cauvin https://youtu.be/RHg-vIifyG8 And today's [...]

1-4-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Welcome to 2021 with David Dayen

  Download here or click below to play   We did it! We survived 2020. But over 351,000 of us didn't. There are no assurances that 2021 will be any better, except for the fact that in 16 days, Donald Trump will be evicted from the White House and we can start the journey back to sanity. But he's not leaving quietly! Over the holidays, Trump escalated his gaslighting and attempts at upending Democracy to levels not seen before, certainly not in modern history. And this week-- the first week of the new year, promises to be at least very [...]

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