Laffy Meets the (Associated) Press

So there I was doing my usual Twitter thing, when I looked up to see a tweet to me from the Associated Press asking me to email them. As they say on the Twitter Machine, "Wut?" It turns out-- imagine my surprise-- the Rachel Maddow Show recommended me to the AP, who subsequently interviewed me (the designated liberal), as well as a conservative man--a (gulp!) Cruz supporter-- about which media sources we rely on for our information. Yes, I was nervous. Then they wanted to put us together on a conference call. Yes, I was even more nervous. I resisted because [...]

4-30-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Finally! A Candidate I Can Believe In!

Today, Bernie Sanders officially announces his run for the presidency! Nicole discusses that bit of good news along with the rest of the news of the day. The Guardian's Steven Thrasher went from the steps of the Supreme Court to the streets of Baltimore on Tuesday, and tells us about that day. And the Philadelphia Daily News' Will Bunch weighs in on the Day the News Died.

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