Pachyderms Lumber Into Line For the ‘Free’ GOP Gold

Cartoon via   Quantity versus quality? What a waste of ill-gotten USD. For a 'political party' that publicly disdains Free Stuff (like basic nutrition and shelter for the folk they happily let languish in poverty and Social Security earned by those who worked two or three jobs to get their families by), Republican presidential candidates are lining up for campaign lucre with vulgar dispatch. And in vomitus variety and number. It appears that the loudest dog whistle of all for the Right Wing, is the one that alerts them to bags and bags of available campaign cash [...]

Maddow on Bearding Defeat and Romney’s Revolting Re-reduxing

A hopefully satisfying morning quickie. Maddow had one of her more deft and deeply hilarious segments that serve as satire on messnbc last evening, wherein she segued from the Beard Giveaway in Political Machinations to the unfathomable matter of Mittens. As we know and are gagging over (my left leg is half asleep in anticipation), Romney is allegedly about to strap the current family dog back on the luxe car roof and re-enter the presidential primary Fray. A tad frayed but with hair still coiffed to an inch of its life and ready to run. Take it away, Rachel. The [...]

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