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For years, Rachel Maddow has been reporting on the willful obstructionism of Republican Congress members on all kinds of Democratic bills and, of course, any and all things proposed by President Obama. And with each GOP block, we Dems have become angrier and more frustrated. But now.

I mean.

Come on.

Now. Now it’s deadly serious. Now it’s even more urgent.

Now it’s a matter of national security.

The hypocrisy on the right is jaw-droppingly, stupidly, nauseatingly blatant, especially in light of all their chest pounding, big “tough” talk, belittling of President Obama’s policies, faux bravado, threats, and misguided compulsion to “carpet bomb” Daesh (AKA ISIS, Islamic State, ISIL) out of existence. Note to GOP: That is a war crime, nor would it solve the problem. But I digress.

One of the ways to destroy Daesh is to hit them where it hurts, at their very core: In their wallets, as it were. Cut off funding. But Republicans refuse to do that. Yes, you read that correctly.

Rachel Maddow:

“Frustrated about ISIS? Wish the U.S. government would do something more than we’re already doing to try to stop them, to try to shut them down, to try to reduce their international threat? Wish we’d really go like at the core of them, like go at their financing, get at their money, really find ways to shut them down systematically?

Well, then here’s your guy. His name is Adam Szubin. We reported on him right before Thanksgiving. His career track is very bipartisan. He’s a professional guy, not a partisan guy. He worked for the George W. Bush Justice Department. For years, he`s been working for the Treasury Department. And his specialty is stopping money from getting to terrorist groups like al Qaeda and al Shabaab in Somalia and ISIS. He is our government’s go-to specialist when it comes to tracking and stopping terrorist financing.

Back in April, he was nominated by President Obama to become our nation’s Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes, nominated in April. Since then it`s been, well, almost 250 days and, nothing. Zippo.

Hitting the bottle yet? Need a Maalox? Watch the entire segment, take two Xanax and call me in the morning:

Via the Maddow Blog:

Senator Sherrod Brown talks with Rachel Maddow about the ease with which Adam Szubin could be confirmed as the Treasury Department’s under secretary for terrorism and financial crimes, a vital job to cut of ISIS financing and enforce Iran sanctions, if only the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Republican Richard Shelby, would allow the vote instead of playing partisan games.

Republican Congress members care nothing about us. If they did, if they were truly concerned about our safety, about protecting this country, about our national security, they’d take action. They’d confirm Adam Szubin, which would take only minutes, per Senator Sherrod Brown in the above video. But they don’t appear to care. At all.

Well actually, they do care. They care about their donors, re-election, money, and power. They are self-serving puppets who huff and puff, bluster and boast whenever a camera is turned in their direction. But when it counts– when it really counts– they turn their backs on us.

What to do? In November, vote. Try to fix this, because if you don’t, you have yourself to blame should the GOP claim more victories. Your vote does count. Speak out. You are our best chance, and casting a ballot is your best way to use your voice and make a statement.

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