708, 2020

8-7-20 Nicole Sandler Show – MeidasTouch Friday

Download here or click below to play   The year 2020 is, among other things, the year of the political video! I've been having fun with the "funnies" I play at the top of the show each day. People quarantining around the world with too much time on their hands are showing thier creative chops with homemade humor, most in the form of parody videos.  (Today's gem of a find is embedded at the bottom of the post.) And then there are the political videos. This year has given us a treasure trove of brilliant productions. These aren't your parents' [...]

608, 2020

8-6-20 Nicole Sandler Show – A Good Thursday for Progressives with Howie Klein

Download here or click below to play     Every Thursday, Howie Klein joins us from Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC to talk politics. Today we had some  good news to celebrate, as progressives won big in Missouri! Medicaid expansion finally passed, and Cori Bush beat 10-term incumbent Lacy Clay.There was good news out of Michigan too, where Rashida Tlaib easily trounced her primary opponent, despite the best efforts of establishment Dems and the media, who had written her political obituary.  Today, Tennessee goes to the polls. In other news, Trump continues his downward slide into insanity [...]

508, 2020

8-5-20 Nicole Sandler Show – No Creeping, It’s Full-On Fascism Now with Ken Klippenstein

Download here or click below to play   I used to refer to it as 'creeping' fascism, but the only creep here is occupying the oval office. We are experiencing an administration embracing the worst qualities of fascism and, with the help of a corrupt AG, is launching us into autocracy. The Nation magazine's Ken Klippenstein has been doing great work in covering this abuse of power, and is our guest today. Last week he wrote about how the DHS is going around the law to arrest journalists and legal protest observers in addition to their abduction of protesters off [...]

408, 2020

8-4-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesday with GottaLaff & Back to School (or not) with Randi Weingarten

Download here or click below to play     Every Tuesday afternoon, GottaLaff joins me for a romp through the day's news, as usually gleaned from Laffy's very busy Twitter feed. Today, we start the show with a visit from Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. She helps us understand the plight of the teachers and nurses she represents as we all try to navigate this pandemic. They just published a guide to Reopening School Buildings Safely. (Just click the link for the report.)  And yes, the AFT is also one of the largest nurses unions in [...]

308, 2020

8-3-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Monday Music and More with Kevin Montgomery

Download here or click below to play     It's the start of another stressful week in COVID-19 infected America. So after a thorough look at the latest news and something funny to lower the stress levels, we're due for some more musical healing. Today, we turn to an American singer-songwriter living in London. Kevin Montgomery released his major label debut album in the early 90s... these days he's working on crowdfunding for his next album and doing live shows on Facebook Live every Sunday for tips to pay the bills... it's the life of a troubadour not allowed on [...]

3107, 2020

7-31-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Equal Rights, Justice and the ACLU

Download here or click below to play     The ACLU came into existence 100 years ago, during the Woodrow Wilson Administration's unconstitutional war on radicals. 100 years later, the need to guard against tyranny and protect our civil rights is as urgent as ever. Author and journalist Ellis Cose wrote Democracy, If We Can Keep It, the definitive history of America's premier defender of civil liberties and examines the state of those liberties in the US in the year 2020. He joins me today to talk about the unique challenges we face with an authoritarian wannabe in the White [...]

3007, 2020

7-30-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Another Crazy Thursday, But Howie Klein is Here

Download here or click below to play   The day began with a bunch of breaking news stories -- Herman Cain dead from COVID-19, the GDP took a major dump, and Trump floats the idea of postponing the November 3 election. Nice try, but no way! We'll cover all of the breaking news and then some. And then Howie Klein joins in from Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. And we'll be joined by Adam Christensen, candidate running for Congress from FL-3 to fill the seat soon to be vacated by the heinous Ted Yoho. Today's funny was [...]

2907, 2020

7-29-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Remember the Past to Protect Our Future with Ilyse Hogue

Download here or click below to play     The old adage says those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Today, we're joined by Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. She just released a new book,  The Lie that Binds. It's the untold history of the Anti-Choice movement. We talk about how abortion went from a non-partisan, back burner issue to the biggest hedge issue dividing the left and right in America, and how close we just came to losing our hard-fought right to choose. We begin the show as usual with the day's news, information, [...]

2807, 2020

7-28-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesday with Billy Barr and GottaLaff Too

Download here or click below to play     It's Tuesday, so GottaLaff joins me to talk about what's happening in our crazy world. Today, we're watching the House Judiciary Hearing featuring Attorney General William Barr's lies, so we have lots to talk about today.... We took a brief time out from the Barr hearing and Laffy's Tweet Spot to bring in her doppleganger. Since Laffy started joining me on camera a few weeks ago, more than a few listeners have commented that she and Jody Hamilton could be sisters... and indeed they could! So Jody joined us today for [...]

2707, 2020

7-27-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Monday Music & More with Judith Owen

Download here or click below to play   Knowing that we all need more than news and politics to keep us going, I started this Monday Music segment a couple of months ago. After struggling with technical issues, we finally got it figured out for today's session with the wonderful Judith Owen! It's an extended session, so we'll run long today. Buckle in for some great music and scintillating conversation. She played a few new songs off of her brand new EP, The Here and Now, which was just released on Friday. Of course, we  start the show as usual, [...]

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