On Friday night, the three remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination for president participated in a forum moderated by Rachel Maddow. We listened to a little bit of that this morning.


That’s a polite term for “lies” – something Dr. Ben Carson did in his autobiography and has been building on ever since. He had a fabulous meltdown in the midst of a press conference he called to address his story of being offered a “full scholarship to West Point”.  Yeah, we spent more time on that this morning than we did on the forum. I guess it’s my perverse pleasure in watching him squirm.


I was joined by independent journalist and author Andrew Nikiforuk, whose latest book is Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider’s Stand against the World’s Most Powerful Industry.

It follows the case of Jessica Ernst who launched a 10-year plus, multi-million dollar lawsuit against the fracking industry and the Canadian government. Her case is scheduled to be heard by the Canadian Supreme Court sometime in the next few months. Find her website here.

Tomorrow, I’ll speak with James E. Carter, the man who exposed Mitt Romney’s 47% comments (and yes, Jimmy Carter’s grandson) and the Gliberal Goddesses too… radio or not.