Race and Gender, Meet Modern Guns, Gays and Bibles #OurRevolution

  Guns, Bibles and gays. For those of us who can remember the Johnson-Nixonian era of racial ignorance and nativist pearl clutching (make that pearl-handled derringer clutching for the helpless dames), this decade is ringing in far too many memories of a deliberately divided and globally embarrassing nation at war with itself and it's own liberty. There is some serious work to be done in some 48 days. The update of the Guns, Bibles and gays triangulation is potentially lethal, people. We believed that was as self-sickened a culture as we could imagine, following on the tarred heels of Jim Crow, [...]

And then Bill die Kristolnachtt Blamed Okie Racism On da Black People *Updated*

By our friend Mel Neuhaus @acehanna54   Trust Kristol to supersize the clumsy and way too early mawnin' racism. Just another Live moment of Regressive Right Surreality aboard the Morning Schmoe and Meeka Showboat. They of course had to discuss the ΣΑΕ Racist Chanting Chorus in Ok-la-homa. Where a surprising amount of young white supremacists reign. Who could all learn a thing or deuces from conservative view-finder-and-professional-panderer,  the sub-standard Billy K. Who likes to judge the 'cesspool' of modern urban culture. Who wandered over from Fvx Nation to blow some stale smoke up Hillary's pantsuit leg and got waaay [...]

#SNLTurns40 – Sunday Night Live! *Live* Blogging Here @ Radio or Not!!

As promised, we are here to enjoy the last day of VH1's Saturday Night Live #SNLClassic Rewind and count down to tonight's 40th birthday extravaganza LIVE on NBC. No Brian Williams appearances are expected, but he's about the only legendary face from 30 Rock that hasn't been somehow involved in planning and producing this celebration as they take a well-earned bow. VH1 Classic is in the final six episodes that have counted backward from last season to 1975 … Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase are on in the background right now, at 4 EST. You can practically hear the rolling [...]

Tom Cotton Makes A Finer Fool of Himself v Howard Dean

These are the days it pays to put on the Orvis Waders and watch Morning Schmoe and Meeka at dawn’s arse crack. So you don’t have to. Skeletons in the GOP Way Back Machine … Dog Bless the Internets. Prior fetid statements from the fresh senator that Progressive Arkansans may be already cotton to. […]

Maddow on Bearding Defeat and Romney’s Revolting Re-reduxing

A hopefully satisfying morning quickie. Maddow had one of her more deft and deeply hilarious segments that serve as satire on messnbc last evening, wherein she segued from the Beard Giveaway in Political Machinations to the unfathomable matter of Mittens. As we know and are gagging over (my left leg is half asleep in anticipation), Romney is allegedly about to strap the current family dog back on the luxe car roof and re-enter the presidential primary Fray. A tad frayed but with hair still coiffed to an inch of its life and ready to run. Take it away, Rachel. The [...]

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The Bernie Beat @ Radio or Not

  With gratitude to the inspirational Gliberal Goddesses and chorale of awesome members of The Thundering Herd in Nicole's rocking Live Chat Room this week, we happily present the first of a weekly-ish post and thread dedicated to Vermont's Progressive pride and joy ... Mssr. Bernie Sanders. Or as we local yokels fondly think of him, our Rumpled Savior -- in the Clueless, Useless, God-Damned United States Senate, in the eye of the Great Swamp -- and, depending on how the Santa-Hillary Winds blow, taking his spot upon the 2016 primary bench on our side of the aisle and  right [...]

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