A hopefully satisfying morning quickie.

Maddow had one of her more deft and deeply hilarious segments that serve as satire on messnbc last evening, wherein she segued from the Beard Giveaway in Political Machinations to the unfathomable matter of Mittens.

As we know and are gagging over (my left leg is half asleep in anticipation), Romney is allegedly about to strap the current family dog back on the luxe car roof and re-enter the presidential primary Fray. A tad frayed but with hair still coiffed to an inch of its life and ready to run.

Take it away, Rachel.

The Boy Robin Paul Ryan bit was stitch-inducing, right?

Adorable, hipster length Junior Beard.




Bush, Romney or Clinton. Maybe Al Gore needs to smoke some peyote and give the whole business an altered thought, this is becoming Nicole’s Bizarro World in Real Time.

Hell, even Randy Paul has declared Romney ‘old news’ in that creepy Paul Drawl.

Blessedly, NBC contributors Benjy Sarlin and Kasie Hunt dredged Mittens’ own quote about fear of seeming a permanent Loser by indulging in a specious third prez run:


Can Mitt Romney convince his party that he’s not a “loser for life”?

Those are his words. “I have looked at what happens to anybody in this country who loses as the nominee of their party,” Romney said of himself in the Netflix documentary “Mitt,” during a scene filmed shortly before the 2012 election. “They become a loser for life,” he said, holding finger and thumb in the shape of an “L” on his forehead.