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12-16-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Ghosts of Progressive Activism Past (and Maybe Future!)

  Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   Today we salute the actions of the progressive activists who paved the way, focusing on one who was in the thick of it all. David Fenton's new book is The Activist's Media Handbook: Lessons from Fifty Years as a Progressive Agitator. We'll discuss the history he was part of, and try to get to the bottom of why things are as they are now... David Fenton was there, working on the No Nukes concerts, in the campaign to free Nelson Mandela [...]

Throwback Thursday – 30 Years Ago Today We Went to Saudi Arabia to do a Radio Show

Thirty years ago today, I was the producer of biggest morning radio show in Los Angeles - The Mark & Brian Show at KLOS. It was the eve of the first Gulf War, and we teamed up with the USO to travel to Saudi Arabia to do a radio show and deliver holiday gifts to the troops stationed there. Here's the diary I kept of that trip. Monday, Dec 17, 1990 12:50 PM (Los Angeles time) We are on MGM Grand Air — flying over South Dakota. Mark & Brian and I are flying to Saudi Arabia to broadcast back to the [...]

Monday, June 27, 2016 Morning News

  Morning Jumpstart UK tries to calm markets - #fail Brexit: Backpedaling/Will Leave happen? Trump's strange Scotland pressers SCOTUS: 3 biggie opinions to go Draft Democratic platform: Sanders' influence Gay pride: Tinged with sadness Benghazi Committee & WH at standstill UK Tries to Calm Markets (BBC, TMN, TMN, TMN, TMN, me) • Britain's finance minister said today the UK is ready to face the future "from a position of strength " and indicated there will be no immediate emergency budget. He said there would still need to be an "adjustment" in the UK economy and it was "perfectly sensible to [...]

Monday June 20

  Iranian intel officials have broken up "the biggest terrorist plot" to ever target Tehran and other provinces in the Islamic Republic, the country's state TV reported today. Several suspects have been arrested and are under interrogation. The report referred to those arrested as "takfiris" - could refer to members of ISIS - unclear at this time (AP, me)   Morning News Dueling Senate gun votes tonight Orlando gunman calls: partial transcripts out today Lynch defends investigation of gunman Trump: Consider profiling Muslims Gay pride events nationwide Sanders collides with black lawmakers SCOTUS: Biggie rulings coming up Brexit: Campaigning resumes [...]

I’ll Be Back Monday — I hope!

If you heard yesterday’s show, you know that I’m not feeling well. The good news is that I went to the doctor this morning and it’s not pneumonia! That was my main concern after being hospitalized for a week a few years back with an ugly case of it. It’s a sinus infection with bronchitis, so I’m on antibiotics, an inhaler, and orders of plenty of fluids and rest. I have been burning the candle at both ends – doing this show each day and working with Randi Rhodes to get our new studios up and running, moving all my [...]

6-21-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Gun-Nation

Last night, Congress proved themselves incapable of taking care of the nation's business in an adult manner. Four amendments were brought to the floor, all with various levels of restrictions on gun purchases by people who should not be allowed near a firearm, let alone own one. All four went down to defeat. I'm battling bronchitis, so probably shouldn't have come on the air at all today, but I couldn't let those votes go by without talking about the travesty. Vote out all the bums. If you'd like to see who the bad guys are you can start with Sen [...]

6-20-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Is This Thing On?

We took our virgin voyage in the new studio this morning. Aside from a few technical glitches that were to be expected and a nasty chest cold that took residence in my lungs this weekend, we made it! Things will only get better from here on out. I'll spend much of today setting up the YouTube streaming so we have graphics and fewer problems, though some issues will have to wait until our engineer returns from vacation at the end of the week to fix. My friend Cliff Schecter took some time out from his vacation to join me to [...]

6-15-16 Nicole Sandler Show – FloriDUH and other American Mistakes

As if this wasn't a bad enough week in Florida - from the murder of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie in Orlando Friday night, to the massacre at the Pulse nightclub Saturday night, and last night we learned that a two-year old toddler was grabbed by an alligator at a "lake" at the Walt Disney World Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Unfortunately, while this state struggles with these tragedies, the people tasked with running the state continuing to prove they're unfit for office. Take Governor Rick Scott, please. Seriously. This moron refused to even acknowledge that the club where 49 souls [...]

6-14-16 Nicole Sandler Show – What the World Needs Now

Can we take the temperature down a few notches please? I logged into the Radio or Not chat room this morning only to see one semi-regular chatter going on and on about the massacre in Orlando being a "false flag" operation. And the kicker was her subsequent comment that after "watching the videos" she's convinced that Sandy Hook was too. Others in the YouTube chat went ballistic when I played a bit of Samantha Bee's powerful and spot-on commentary from last night's show about the murders in Orlando because "she supports HRC." Newsflash, if you have no use for anyone [...]

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