true_or_fox_news_rectangle_magnetU.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter, Republican Patriot from California, has no apparent Intelligence. In either lingual case.

You see, according to the good and mad Representative, ISIL is now hopping willy nilly over the (sanz enough prophylactic measures for the Lipton Brigade and the lingering, desperate GOP pursers and hawkers) southern border. Says the news-breaker slash pol who just wants HIS country back, and will apparently ask us to suspend disbelief long enough to incorporate the latest science fiction into his tribe’s ‘news’ cycle.

Rachel Maddow chose this juicy bit of balderdash to highlight in Debunktion Junction Wednesday evening, a segment Hunter was born to perform in. Catch you on the other side.

Rachel Maddow decimates the claim by Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter that ten ISIS fighters have been captured crossing the border into the U.S. from Mexico, pointing out the Department of Homeland Security calling the claim “categorically false.”

Were they wearing Halloween costumes, these ISIL or ISIS heathens? Camo perhaps?

Image courtesy our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54

Image courtesy our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54

Representative Hunter beat out some fine candidates and astonishingly egregious Regressive Right actions this month alone. Here at Radio or Not, we offer up the signature sarcastic golf clap with accompanying WTF(?) progressive eye roll for the delusion-riddled Californian.

Getting a nod and a hot mic from Gretchen Carlson over at Fvx Nation may have prompted the over-excited Duncan (clearly he never got the ‘over 4 hours’ alert from his doctor) to spew some fanatic and thoroughly fantastical untruthiness.

Dude lied like a Cheney.

Speaking of Faux News, who has ever seen Gretchen Carlson drop a jaw? Didn’t know she could.


Fear mongering is one political genre in and of itself, but this is propaganda with a side of danger … what happens when the armed militia who idolize Sean Hannity and the Tundra Twit actually look up from Duck Dynasty and decide they’re going to hunt ’em up some live Christianity-Haters? Because the Muslim heathens will be coming straight for their wimmin’ next.

So wish this whole embarrassing Ick was slotted for The Onion. It’s time for Bravo to break our Real Pricque’s of the U.S. Congress.

Housekeeping note: Inspired by Air America’s ‘Creep of the Week’ hall of sweet digital infamy.