1-11-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Trash vs Treasure

Last night, President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address after eight years at POTUS. In typical Obama fashion, it was a great speech. I've had more than my share of issues with the Obama administration over the past eight years, but compared to what's coming next, he's a treasure. In case you missed it... Today, Donald Trump (D'ump, as I like to abbreviate it), held his first quasi-press conference since July. I say "quasi" because he only took a handful of questions, peppered it with statements from his incoming press secretary, his sidekick Mike Pence, and his attorney Sherri Dillon who [...]

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1-6-17 Nicole Sandler Show – My Attorney to the Dem’s Rescue

Greetings from Floriduh. We used to do a weekly segment on the show featuring typical Flori-DUH stories, but you haven't seen anything yet if you haven't taken a look at Miami politics. Some of my favorite authors, including Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry have made careers of writing about the dysfunction in the tip of America's dick. But on this show, we examined the insanity happening right now in the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party. I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but there were shenanigans at play as some of the party  elders were trying to get their preferred [...]

12-22-16 Nicole Sandler Show – RIP BC (and FU D’ump too)

                    (L-R) Graham Nash, Nicole Sandler, Bob Coburn I hadn't planned on today's show going as it did. My guest fell through at the last minute, so I was just going to take calls. But as we're at holiday time, people are already going away, shopping and generally not as plugged in to radio as they might be at other times of the year, so I didn't want to rely on only calls. Just before showtime, my friend and respected journalist Gaius Publius sent an email blast with his latest [...]

12-20-16 Nicole Sandler Show – D’ump

It's over..again. Donald Trump (D'ump abbreviated) won the electoral college vote, so barring any miracles, he'll be sworn in as our 45th president on January 20. It's Tuesday, so GottaLaff helped me traverse the muck. Plus, yes, my sister & niece were robbed at gunpoint in front of their home! If it were up to me....  Tom Arnold is an asshole. He says he has the tape that could have possibly saved us from Donald Trump, and he didn't turn it over. If he has it, I challenge him to produce it now. (Trump hasn't been inaugurated yet!) And hell has [...]

12-16-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Jason Leopold is NOT a Terrorist!

No, Jason Leopold of Vice News is NOT a terrorist, though our government has christened him the "FOIA Terrorist," ostensibly because he uses it to get information they'd prefer not be made public. I know Jason wears the tag proudly, but it's not a moniker I like! I think he's our FOIA hero! Now, after the feds ignored his expedited request for information about Donald Trump before the election, he's filed  wide-reaching lawsuit and is asking for virtually everything related to Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the election. He joined me on this episode of the show to bring us all up do [...]

11-30-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Greg Palast & Stealing Democracy

As the official election recount gets underway in Wisconsin, Greg Palast joined me on the show today to talk about what happened. He firmly believes the election was stolen. The way they allegedly did it is laid out in an impressive, credible and very entertaining manner in his new film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Follow that link to buy or rent the film (it goes to the Nicole Sandler Amazon portal, so we'll get credit if you do it through that link). Knowing Greg was coming on the show today, I finally sat down to watch it and was [...]

11-26-15 The Day After with Ari Berman, Wesley Lowery & Sen Bob Graham

I was fortunate enough to be able to interview a number of authors at this year's Miami Book Fair, so I thought I'd take advantage of Thanksgiving and the day after to share some of them with you. Today, the guy who probably could have predicted the outcome of our presidential election better than most others, as Ari Berman has been telling us about the whittling away and destruction of the Voting Rights Act for years with his book, Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America. Wesley Lowery was Tweeting from a McDonald's in Ferguson, MO, [...]

11-17-16 Nicole Sandler Show – SCOTUS, Free Press & Other Endangered American Species

Blue America's Howie Klein is my regular Thursday guest. Since he couldn't be with us today, I didn't want to wait a week to get his thoughts on the race to replace Nancy Pelosi as the House Minority Leader.  Although I'd never heard of Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio before this week, he just threw his hat in the run to run.. And then there's the almost-humorous item about some members pushing the horrendous Joe Crowley to challenge her.   Here's Howie's response: Crowley would be the worst possible solution to the Pelosi problem. Tim Ryan has no leadership characteristics [...]

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