Here’s a bit of the press I’ve received during various times throughout my career, in reverse chronological order

April 2009, after WINZ flipped from talk to sports, this article appeared in the Miami Herald.

Sept 2008, after WINZ dropped my show, the South Florida Sun Sentinel wrote about it.

May 2008, Inside Radio ran a lovely profile about my career.

Sept 2005, All Access 10 Questions

April 2003, Billboard Media Monitor wrote about my move to Boston as Northeast Broadcasting Director of Programming

Nov 2001,  The Gavin Report covered my move from LA to Taos, NM to program KTAO


Lots of coverage of the history-making-move of Channel 103.1 Los Angeles off the air onto WorldClassRock 

Feb 2001 –   Wall Street Journal

Sept 2000 – NY Times

Sept 2000 –   LA Times 

Aug 2000 – Chicago Tribune

July 2000 – Washington Post

Rock & Roll Jeopardy

In 2000,  while working at Channel 103.1, I was a contestant on Rock & Roll Jeopardy! I finally got hold of a copy of that episode. Enjoy!


Coverage of Channel 103.1

The launch:

May 2000 – Los Angeles  Times

1999 –  Los Angeles Times


The End of KSCA

Feb 1997 – Billboard Monitor

Feb 9, 1997 – Orange County Register

Feb 6, 1997 – Orange County Register

Feb 5, 1997 – Los Angeles Times

Feb 3, 1997 – NY Times


And a bit of TV coverage too

Some KSCA coverage

1995 – Radio & Records on the KSCA website, one of the first radio sites (Someone has much of that site archived here!)


From KLOS (there’s much more, somewhere….)

1996 – LA Times

1992 – LA Times

And from the beginning of my career

1982 – WMNF/Tampa

1980- Tampa Times – WUSF