1-22-24 Nicole Sandler Show – Racing to NH & Black History Month with Keith Boykin

  Click to play, right click Download button and save as to save, or scroll down for the video   https://media.zencastr.com/audio-files/5e0cc41aa9798f001400ff98/77b5e3c2-164c-48fa-8419-c878a9c86c60.mp3   So many developments over the weekend, much of it seems to be in the quest of a VP nod by TFG. Ron DeSantis 'suspended' his presidential campaign and quickly kissed the ring. Nikki Haley keeps doubling down on her racism comments. And Tim Scott proposed to his female girlfriend. Hmmm. I think it's all related. We'll talk about it in the first half-hour of the show when your calls are welcome at 954-889-6410. In the second half-hour I [...]

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No Seat at THE Woolworth’s Lunch Counter For Trump

Woolworth Headquarters Embraced by the lunch-counter and sit-in Protest Movement. 1934.   Greensboro, North Carolina may not jump into your mind as a shining civil rights city at first mention. But add 'lunch counter sit-in ', and searing black and white photographs fill many of our inner eyes.   Sitting on the "wrong" side of the legendary Greensboro Woolworth counter. 1963.   The ironic development this week from the 2016 GOP Carnivale of Idiocy is soul satisfying. T'Rump got a firmly worded and unequivocal No(!) for once in his life. Fist bumps and kudos to the [...]

Protesters “Hate White People”, Rep. Pittenger of North Carolina???

    This professional grade revisioning is so cringeworthy it could hurt, fair warning. Regressives are just having a banging week. [Two take the urinal cake.] Mister Pittenger takes his cake for running a Fifties filter on life … until you run into a Trumpette that believes we are post-post-racial/sexist. […]

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Race and Gender, Meet Modern Guns, Gays and Bibles #OurRevolution

  Guns, Bibles and gays. For those of us who can remember the Johnson-Nixonian era of racial ignorance and nativist pearl clutching (make that pearl-handled derringer clutching for the helpless dames), this decade is ringing in far too many memories of a deliberately divided and globally embarrassing nation at war with itself and it's own liberty. There is some serious work to be done in some 48 days. The update of the Guns, Bibles and gays triangulation is potentially lethal, people. We believed that was as self-sickened a culture as we could imagine, following on the tarred heels of Jim Crow, Vietnam [...]

11-3-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Joan Walsh, GottaLaff & Elections Too!

Nicole Sandler reminds everyone to vote today. And the 2016 election is one year away! Joan Walsh visits today to talk about her new gig at The Nation, and how prescient she was with her book "What's the Matter with White People." And it's Tuesday, so it's GottaLaff too!

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20150616 Nicole Sandler Show – Once You Go Black…

The Gliberal Goddesses (Gottalaff, Amy Simon & Nicole Sandler) gather to talk about everything from Rachel Dolezal to electoral politics. And Driftglass makes his debut on the show, bringing the bone he has to pick with David Brooks. Plus the latest on the TAA/TPA vote in the House and more

5-8-15 Nicole Sandler Show – ‘Merica, Moms and Music

It's a big Friday show - Nicole speaks with Tim Wise, antiracist essayist, author and educator, about race in America. Author/blogger and mom Joanne Bamberger joins in for a conversation about our shared experience as adoptive moms. And for Flashback Friday, the late Kevin Gilbert from 1995.

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2-24-15 Nicole Sandler Show – They Sure Told Me!

Nicole devotes today's show to the controversy surrounding Patricia Arquette's calls for equal rights and equal pay for women. Imani Gandy (@angryblacklady) joins in during the first hour to explain why she and other women of color were so offended. In hour 2, Nicole shares some emails, Tweets and the full email exchange that Elon James White quoted from on his blog.

2-12-15 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. In the News Obama AUMF: "ISIL is going to lose" Reax from pols: Not happy Marathon Ukraine summit: Deal? Keystone passes: Heads for WH veto FBI director to address race/police Killing of 3 Muslims: Hate? Homeland Security: Boehner snaps Obama admin targets illegal wildlife trafficking IRS in hot water CBS' [...]

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History Keeps Repeating

We know that history tends to repeat itself. Today is the 51st anniversary of the March on Washington, which brought us Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech. It's the 46th anniversary of the infamous police riot that broke out during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, when police brutalized thousands of anti-war protesters on nationwide television as the demonstrators chanted, “The whole world is watching.” 57 years ago today, North Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond began an (unsuccessful) attempt to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957. He spoke for 24 hours and 18 minutes, setting a record [...]

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