This Sunday is Mothers Day. The picture above is of a very young me after bath time with my mom. Unfortunately, my mother wasn’t with me long enough; she died just a week or so before my 20th birthday. I’d have given anything if she and my daughter could have met.


That’s me with my daughter Alison in Puerto Vallarta around 10 years ago. She’s now 16, and the joy of my life.

I came to motherhood by way of adoption. So when I came upon the essay, “Thinking of our Daughter’s Biological Mom on Mother’s Day” by my friend Joanne Bamberger, I knew I had to invite her on today’s show for this important conversation.

My first guest this morning was the always thought-provoking anti-racist educator, essayist and author of six books, Tim Wise. His latest article, “White America’s Greatest Delusion: “They Do Not Know It and They Do Not Want to Know It” prompted me to invite him back on the show.  I hope you listen to our conversation and read the article, as we could all stand to learn what he’s telling us.

We wrap up most weeks here with a musical Flashback Friday segment from my music radio archives. Today we went back to 1995 for a conversation with the late, brilliant Kevin Gilbert.

I encourage you to read Joel Selvin’s comprehensive article about the genius of Kevin Gilbert and the dark side that contributed to his untimely and tragic death at the age of 29… and what Sheryl Crow had to do with it all.

I’m keeping this short today, as I’m getting ready for the second part of today’s double-header. I’m guest hosting the Leslie Marshall Show this afternoon from 4-6pm ET. You can listen via Leslie’s stations, or right here at

I’ll be back here Monday morning to take on a whole new week, radio or not!