No Seat at THE Woolworth’s Lunch Counter For Trump

Woolworth Headquarters Embraced by the lunch-counter and sit-in Protest Movement. 1934.   Greensboro, North Carolina may not jump into your mind as a shining civil rights city at first mention. But add 'lunch counter sit-in ', and searing black and white photographs fill many of our inner eyes.   Sitting on the "wrong" side of the legendary Greensboro Woolworth counter. 1963.   The ironic development this week from the 2016 GOP Carnivale of Idiocy is soul satisfying. T'Rump got a firmly worded and unequivocal No(!) for once in his life. Fist bumps and kudos to the [...]

Time for The Dems to Grow a Backbone

Listen to this episode: {play} {/play} Podcast: Play in new window    There were a lot of great speeches last night - from First Lady (Mom-In-Chief) Michelle Obama, to Tammy Duckworth, to Lilly Ledbetter ... but the one that made me sit up and listen was from the current governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.  Part of the money quote is in the picture above, but the whole thing is worth repeating: "We believe that freedom means keeping government out of our most private affairs - including out of a woman's decision whether to keep an unwanted pregnancy, and everybody's decision about [...]

Onward to Charlotte

Listen to this episode: {play} {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   After a painful week watching the Republicans lie their way through a national convention, I'm hoping the Democrats just tell the truth.  It shouldn't be that difficult. After all, most of the Democratic Party platform is good, at least when it comes to women, immigrants, seniors, healthcare needs and more of what today's GOP doesn't seem to care about.  And I don't say that lightly... all one needs to do is read the GOP party platform. (You can find my quickie analysis and links to both full platforms [...]

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