2-15-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Just Say YES!

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   I think I let out an audible gasp when I opened an email the other day from The Yes Men!  I'll admit that I hadn't realized they hadn't been active lately, at least not publicly. But I do still think about them often. Well, whether they were gone or not is beside the point because...... they're back! And now they want to help you change the world in a funny, subversive and always humorous way... Although The Yes Men launched the Yes [...]

1-26-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Scary Times

Howie Klein was MIA today (turns out a neighbor had an emergency and he sprang into action), but he'll be back with us next week. So, we went over the 12 executive orders that D'ump has already signed, and I shared with you my experience calling my two senators and one representative today. I promised to share the info that was forwarded to me by a listener about how best to engage them. And don't forget to check out Indivisible. I shared info on yesterday's post... From a high-level staffer for a Senator: There are two things that all Democrats [...]

10-26-16 Nicole Sandler Show – James O’Keefe is NOT a Journalist

I'm still distressed over the fact that the twerp pictured above calls himself a "journalist" and that actual news outlets let him get away with it. Make no mistake, O'Keefe is not a journalist. A journalist digs for facts to get at the truth. O'Keefe is the worst kind of activist; one who decides what his story will be before the first frame of video is shot. He admits to Sam Seder in one of the videos posted below that he "goes after" public figures with the goal of "taking them down". You'll never hear a real journalist say that. [...]

No Seat at THE Woolworth’s Lunch Counter For Trump

Woolworth Headquarters Embraced by the lunch-counter and sit-in Protest Movement. 1934.   Greensboro, North Carolina may not jump into your mind as a shining civil rights city at first mention. But add 'lunch counter sit-in ', and searing black and white photographs fill many of our inner eyes.   Sitting on the "wrong" side of the legendary Greensboro Woolworth counter. 1963.   The ironic development this week from the 2016 GOP Carnivale of Idiocy is soul satisfying. T'Rump got a firmly worded and unequivocal No(!) for once in his life. Fist bumps and kudos to the [...]

Words of Wisdom from Actress, Activist and Author Mimi Kennedy

As this nation has been reeling from the most surreal election season in my lifetime, I've been involved in numerous discussions - both on and off the air - about election integrity. I was included on a small email list of EI activists in a discussion about the way forward.  As my regular listeners know, I'm very conflicted. I can't fathom ever pulling the lever for Hillary Clinton, but the thought of a Donald Trump presidency scares me to my core. After seeing the early reverberations of Brexit, I'm even more nervous about what such an American mistake would portend. [...]

4-27-16 Nicole Sandler Show – 5 Yrs Later- Arrested for Committing Democracy

On Wednesday mornings, Nicole hangs with her fellow FloriDUHian Deborah Newell to poke some fun at the state that is the nation's dick. In addition to today Floriduh files and a recap of last night's primary results, we'll go back in time 5 years to the night Nicole was arrested for committing democracy, underscoring our need to fight on for what's important. And a detour to talk with the 10 year old girl who sang with Bruce Springsteen Monday night.

Get Up, Stand Up!

An activist dressed like a polar bear protests against the Keystone XL oil pipeline outside The White House in Washington February 3, 2014. (Reuters / Yuri Gripas) Yesterday, just a few days after the State Dept released it's latest report on the Keystone XL pipeline, opponents took to the streets in some 3o0 cities across the nation to say "Hell No!" This Saturday, many thousands are expected to join in the Moral March in Raleigh, NC. In Kiev and other cities in Ukraine, protesters are taking to the streets and risking their lives for their rights! When I [...]

If You Touch My Junk I’m Gonna Have You Arrested

I really don't know what I'll do the next time I fly.  I just know that the "security" checks we're subjected to are invasive and ridiculous. Have you read John Tyner's blog?  He's the guy who spoke those now-legendary words when the TSA flunkie told him how he was going to feel him up.   I'm sure it's a topic I'll discuss with John Fugelsang during our regular Thursday morning get-together today.  He's in Charlotte, NC today, which means he had to fly.  I wonder if he met any new TSA friends? How did we wind up with these [...]

Every Voice Counts, No Matter How Small

At the end of tonight's show, I read a portion of my all-time favorite book. The thing is, Horton Hears a Who wasn't my favorite book until I became politically aware! That's when I realized what an activist Dr. Seuss was, and the fact that this supposed children's book is all about exhorting each and every one of us to speak out, loudly and strongly, for the things in which we believe. You'll hear the context if you listen through to the end of the podcast. It shouldn't be that difficult. Tonight's show was a particularly good one, even if [...]

A Heartbreaking Week Comes To An End

I'm certainly glad it's Friday. This has been an incredibly difficult week. Although Monday was just another day, the world changed on Tuesday afternoon at 4:53pm ET.  It's impossible to avoid the heartbreaking stories and images coming from Haiti, where the death toll today is estimated at somewhere around 150,000 people. Schools, hospitals, homes and most of the other buildings in and around the capital city of Port Au Prince collapsed under a massive earthquake that registered 7.0 on the Richter scale. As the days pass, the chances of survivors being pulled from the wreckage lessens. And we watch, helplessly, [...]

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