10-4-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Get Your Religion Out of My Healthcare and More

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   Last week, my husband sent me an opinion piece from the Washington Post headlined "I don't want your god in charge of my health care," knowing it would strike a chord with me. So I reached out to the author, Kate Cohen, and invited her on the show. Today's the day. So we'll talk about the unsettling trend of Catholic-owned hospitals and doctors offices refusing to provide essential healthcare services because of the religious dogma of the church. She's also putting the [...]

5-23-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Tell Me Everything while Rethinking Trade with John Fugelsang & Lori Wallach

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   We're starting the week off running with two great guests, so don't be late today. We'll begin the week with an old friend of the show, John Fugelsang! He used to come on with me weekly, but then got too busy... We hadn't spoken in a while when I reached out this morning, and he said Yes. So, we have about 7 years to catch up on. Of course, I think I want to talk to him about the perversion of religion [...]

6-30-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Opposite World Thrives and Jeff Sharlet Too

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)     I often return to the theme of opposite world, where we appear to be stuck. That Bill Cosby walked out of prison today, his conviction overturned, is proof that we're in opposite world. Hearing Republican members of Congress explain why a commission investigating the January 6 insurrection is unnecessary, seeing the former guy at the border pretending to be in a position of authority, Jim Clyburn again working to sabotage the campaign of a progressive Democrat... I could keep going, but [...]

6-24-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Jeff Sharlet explains the Cult of Trump

Download here or click below to play   It's another crazy, busy news day in America... We'll bring you up to date on what's happening, as far as I can explain it! Today's guest is author and professor Jeff Sharlet. The man who gave us The Family about the very creepy religious zealotry rampant in Washington DC reports from some of Trump's rallies, and fills us in on the levels of crazy embraced by his followers, a story he wrote for Vanity Fair in a piece titled "Inside the Cult of Trump". Today's funny was more poignant than funny, from [...]

11-11-19 Bonus Episode – Religious Freedom, My Ass

  Welcome to a special bonus edition of the show. This week is bound to be extra busy due to the start of the public impeachment hearings, and this interview couldn't wait. My guest is Frederick Clarkson, whose latest research on the Christian Right's "Project Blitz" is chilling. Everyone needs to know how they've been and continue to push their religious beliefs on the rest of the nation in the name of "religious freedom". Read the article, "Project Blitz by Any Other Name" - and click above to listen to the interview.

10-11-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Freedom From Religion with David Silverman

After an update on the latest news, I welcomed David Silverman back to the show. David is the president of American Atheists and author of Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World.

5-24-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Peace, Politics & Religion with Frank Schaeffer

Author, screenwriter, artist, speaker Frank Schaeffer returns to the show to talk about his background in Fundamentalist religion and why he believes it's the enemy of peace, and its role in electing Trump.

Misogynist Trumpty Dumbty Uses Bill O’Reilly as His Priest and Confessional?!

                            Editorial cartoonist Matt Wuerker, via Politico Universal dot com   . I'm not even Catholic and was starting to see arguable papacy behaviors on a regular The Factor Confessional basis from the spoiled global hellion, Donnie J. Trump. No matter the preponderance of egregious,  Bill O'Reilly ends up in a satanic split screen of himself trying to ameliorate the damage of Trump corruption and lack of ethics. Apologies for linking you to the deep foxy swamp that produces all of that. ..  .   . Was The Donald's [...]

Race and Gender, Meet Modern Guns, Gays and Bibles #OurRevolution

  Guns, Bibles and gays. For those of us who can remember the Johnson-Nixonian era of racial ignorance and nativist pearl clutching (make that pearl-handled derringer clutching for the helpless dames), this decade is ringing in far too many memories of a deliberately divided and globally embarrassing nation at war with itself and it's own liberty. There is some serious work to be done in some 48 days. The update of the Guns, Bibles and gays triangulation is potentially lethal, people. We believed that was as self-sickened a culture as we could imagine, following on the tarred heels of Jim Crow, Vietnam [...]

Another sick-making week of shocking religious news

Please welcome back regular guest contributor, author of Being Christian – a racy novel that explores the dark underbelly of the right-wing Christian world – and the go-to blogger on shocking religion news, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state (weekly upchucks), KC Boyd.You can link over to the official KC Boyd site here for much-needed antidotes (scroll down to the end of KC’s post) or any links that failed to show up here. Welcome to KC’s weekly “where religion meets your rights” collection:Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights– by KC BoydAbortion, Contraception And Other Women’s IssuesFlorida GOP redefines pregnancy trimesters, adds laundry list of [...]

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