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So many developments over the weekend, much of it seems to be in the quest of a VP nod by TFG. Ron DeSantis ‘suspended’ his presidential campaign and quickly kissed the ring. Nikki Haley keeps doubling down on her racism comments. And Tim Scott proposed to his female girlfriend. Hmmm.
I think it’s all related. We’ll talk about it in the first half-hour of the show when your calls are welcome at 954-889-6410.

In the second half-hour I welcome today’s guest, Keith Boykin. He’s a TV and film producer, former CNN political commentator and a NY Times-bestselling author whose brand new one, WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT RACE?: 25 Arguments that Won’t Go Away, is officially released tomorrow.

(I’m embedding the Xitter video of today’s show, as the YouTube recording starts a few minutes after the show started. YT screwing up? Go figure!)