election season


The 2016 presidential election is one year from today. The first Tuesday in November is always election day. In 2016, that’ll be Nov 8, but tomorrow is election day nonetheless in many cities, counties and states. Yes, local elections, and they’re probably more important than voting for the next president. The Washington Post has a great write up on eight races that are definitely worth watching. But keep in mind, EVERY race is worth voting in!

I’m a big fan of Joan Walsh. She’s strong, smart and witty. And even when I disagree with her (which is not very often), she always states her case with fairness and enough to back up her position that I usually give on a point or two. Her 2013 book, What’s the Matter with White People?: Finding Our Way in the Next America was eerily prescient. 

This morning, we talked about everything from the progress made online since the internet appeared, journalism in general, the “news media,” 2016 and lots more, including Joan’s recent move to The NationFind all of her articles for The Nation here.

If it’s Tuesday, it’s @GottaLaff on The Nicole Sandler Show. Today was supposed to be Gliberal Goddesses™ day, but Amy Simon is under the weather, so visit sheshistory.com and send her a get-well note!

Tomorrow, Deborah Newell Tornello joins me for another edition of Oy! FloriDUH. And Lisa Graves checks in from her perch above the Center for Media and Democracy to add some balance (and fact checking) of the Koch Brothers’ tryst with Joke Scarborough and Meek-uh this morning on MSRNC.