Woolworth Headquarters Embraced by the lunch-counter and sit-in Protest Movement. 1934.


Greensboro, North Carolina may not jump into your mind as a shining civil rights city at first mention. But add ‘lunch counter sit-in ‘, and searing black and white photographs fill many of our inner eyes.



Sitting on the “wrong” side of the legendary Greensboro Woolworth counter. 1963.


The ironic development this week from the 2016 GOP Carnivale of Idiocy is soul satisfying. T’Rump got a firmly worded and unequivocal No(!) for once in his life.

Fist bumps and kudos to the sage directors and curators of the  International Civil Rights Center & Museum in Greensboro herself  (surrounding that globally recognized Woolworth’s lunch counter) for nixing what travesty was meant to be Trump’s weekly awk-warrrd photo oops and scheduled persons-of-color Goofy Grinning Pander.



The rumble looks imminent as non-segregated seated conversation offends the white people. 1963.


Donald Dicque is a bad actor in all senses. Offensive, unfeeling, judgmentally impaired and permanently waddling through life like Allah’s gift to comics and satirists. A new fumble by Team Trump hit the airwaves last night,  and is it ever consistent with his clownish attempts at politicking.

goofygrinThis latest North Carolina attempt at blatant, ick-filled fooling wooing by Campaign Conway was killed before it could embarrass.

Maddow slipped her Exclusive take on the events into a segment while simultaneously live-covering the ongoing, riveting Keith Scott shooting Peaceful Protests in nearby Charlotte.


In Comprehensive Opposition: .




Arrest records and press for these North Carolina protesters. For trespassing. In 1963.

It’s high fracking time, right?!

These right-minded defenders of Civil Rights refused Donald J. Trump access to THE lunch counter of famed white lunch counters.

They banned The Donald and The Hair and The Goofy Grin.


With a stinging rationale for why his corpulent presence was unneeded. Unwanted. And denied.

[Grin wide, these heroes deserve it.]

Preemptive Trump Dump.


To quote the TRMS video:  “… the museum observed that Donald Trump’s values are contrary to those of the museum. “



Loud if silent officious deterrents. Keeping it white. 1963.


Happily, the museum spokespersons creatively elaborated on Trump’s unsuitability as a visitor, never mind an active tee vee commercial crew featuring the Head Bigot himself:



Courtesy Maddow Blog.