Insanity Repeating

Ted Cruz won the straw poll at the Value Voters Summit again this year. Yes, the man who said this, among other equally idiotic things, is apparently the best they've got.. But even scarier is the fact that this woman could have been one heartbeat from the presidency! And that's not all of the fun we could poke at this collective of idiocy, but it's all my heart can handle right now. For more gibbering madness, just check out the Values Voters Summit video collection over at Right Wing Watch. It's Monday, so Howie Klein joined me in the first [...]

Sarah Palin: Truth an “endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.” (VIDEO)

Yes, Sarah Palin actually said this at the Value Voters Summit (it's at the end of the segment): I couldn't resist a few tweets: Rick Perry can't get to 3, Sarah Palin will never make it past 1400. #1600ReasonsPalinIsStillAnIdiot Ruh roh! Now Sarah Palin's really behind the 6 ball! #1400gate High 3s, Sarah Palin! #1400gate I guess this is what Sarah Palin would call a Catch 14. #1400gate Ruh roh! Now Sarah Palin's really behind the 6 ball! #1400gate Sarah Palin thinks a picture's worth 700 words. #1400gate Palin taught her kids this song: "2 Blind Mice." #1400gate On Palin's [...]

Peace, Pot & Politics

We covered a lot of territory on today's show... First up, the situation in Ukraine is horribly sad and tragic. And hearing American politicians on both sides of the aisle proclaiming, as John Kerry did, that "in the 21st century, you don't invade another country on completely trumped-up pretext," is hypocrisy defined. Sickening. The Bobsey Twins, McCain and Graham, couldn't be any more sickening in their sabre-rattling in the name of criticizing Obama - going against the previous tenets of "foreign policy ends at the water's edge." They don't stand for anything other than leading that charge that whatever Obama [...]

Soothing the Savage Beast

If there's been a theme running through this week's shows, it's been the nastiness with which those who sit on the opposite side of the political aisle from me (and, likely, you if you're reading this and listening to my shows) interact with us. It began with a tweet from a stranger to me. Out of the blue, this troll pops up on my twitter page to post @nicolesandler When you produced M&B it was all about risk & freedom & now you're a socialist?. Brian adored Ayn Rand, WTF happened to you? — Tom Cruz'n (@TinPotDickTator) December 2, 2013 [...]

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False Equivalencies

  I'm sick and tired of false equivalencies. We're presented with them constantly by a media that wouldn't understand the concept of objective journalism even if Walter Cronkite came back from the dead to bite it on the ass. Sorry, the failed launch of the Affordable Care Act - though truly a sign of ineptitude and inexcusable - is not the same as George W. Bush's horrendous reaction to Hurricane Katrina.  Not even close. Actually, the Affordable Care Act was designed to help people who previously couldn't  get access to health care. The lack of adequate response by Bush Jr [...]

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Meet My New Congressman. God Help Me!

It was Halloween 2008, four days before election day when we elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.  I was dressed as the scariest figure around that year, Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  And I took a picture with then first-time Congressional candidate Allen West, who remains scary to this day... even moreso as he's now in the incoming class of right wing Republicans freshman Congressmen... representing ME! I was working, for two weeks, as the token liberal at WFTL, the station that's home to the bombastic Joyce Kaufman - the woman who was tapped to [...]

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It’s Scary Out There

It's the last full day before America heads to the polls to vote at a very scary time.  And that has nothing to do with the fact that yesterday was Halloween, and that I wore the scariest costume I could think of.  (See the picture above.  Read to the bottom of the post to find out who I was.) It seems as if there's more at stake now than ever before-but the Democrats aren't a whole lot better than the Republicans, so perhaps that's what's so scary about it. I didn't go to Washington DC this weekend to attend John [...]

Primaries Matter… or Apathy Sucks

Today is the last BIG primary day of the election season... voters will go to the polls in NY, Delaware, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland and Washington DC... I hope. I don't get why Americans are so apathetic.  Sure, we like to complain about how bad things are. But that's about as far as most of us will go. I attended a couple of events over the last two evenings.  David Cobb is on a speaking tour of Florida for Move To Amend.  I'm being generous when I say there were maybe 50 people at each one.  (I [...]

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Verizon & Google – Are You For Net Neutrality or Against Us?

**Update... today's podcast is now available. Just click the player above to listen, or go to the video page to watch.  Also, today's TRNS update came from the wonderful Victoria Jones, who wrote "Sharron Angle -- Bill of Rights? On Her Terms Only" for Huffington Post today.  Definitely worth reading!*** Depending on what report you're reading, Google has gone evil (we already know Verizon is!), or they've come to their senses.  Unfortunately, I'm leaning toward the former. The Daily Beast can try to paint this as nothing to worry about: Google, Verizon Back Net Neutrality You can turn off the [...]

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