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Today on the show, we recapped last night’s Democratic forum on CNN. The bottom line: Bernie rose to the occasion, O’Malley put me to sleep, and Hillary was given what amounted to a free pass with virtually no follow-up questions from Chris Cuomo who looked like he went to Rand Paul’s barber.

Ted Rall was my first hour guest. He joined in to talk about his brand new book, released yesterday, simply titled, Bernie. Lest you think this is just another “Bernie bro” (to use his critics’ vernacular)  pushing “his” candidate, consider his blog post from yesterday, the same day the book was released, “My Critique of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign.” 

Full disclosure: If New York’s primary were held today — not that it typically has a significant electoral impact, since it’s relatively late on the calendar — I’d vote for Bernie Sanders.

Why Bernie? Because he’s the best this system has to offer: a flawed candidate whose overall message is important enough, and his record free enough of corruption and evildoing, that I can overlook the things I don’t like about his record and fill in the bubble next to his name on the ballot without feeling like a terrible person.

That’s how the article begins. It’s truly worth a read, as is the book which, thanks to Ted Rall’s magnificent drawings, I might be able to get my teenage daughter to look at too!

In hour two, it was time for GottaLaff’s weekly visit. While talking about Sarah Palin’s latest outing and Tina Fey’s latest SNL portrayal, Laffy took on the Palin persona, and I couldn’t resist interviewing her. 

We ended the show with an update on my health insurance nightmare… what an ugly tale that was. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with another look at Floriduh, and the latest news and snark too, radio or not!