4-27-16 Nicole Sandler Show – 5 Yrs Later- Arrested for Committing Democracy

On Wednesday mornings, Nicole hangs with her fellow FloriDUHian Deborah Newell to poke some fun at the state that is the nation's dick. In addition to today Floriduh files and a recap of last night's primary results, we'll go back in time 5 years to the night Nicole was arrested for committing democracy, underscoring our need to fight on for what's important. And a detour to talk with the 10 year old girl who sang with Bruce Springsteen Monday night.

Reset the Net and the New Swiftboating

  It's interesting that the newest iteration of Swiftboating rears its ugly head on the day we try to Reset the Net. The thing the new swiftboaters, like Allen West, should remember is that the internet is forever. Write something once and it's there forever. So, let's take the war criminal Allen West as an example. Don't feel like you have to click on the link as Allen West's site deserves to die of loneliness, but back on Dec. 10, 2013, he wrote an article entitled The men Obama has abandoned. In it, he wrote, President Obama is in South Africa [...]

The Damage Done

As the country was getting collectively ready to gorge itself on food and beer while watching grown men hitting each other as hard as possible in their pursuit of a ball, we got a collective punch in the gut when the news broke that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his NYC apartment. The kicker was that the hypodermic needle was still in his arm. By all accounts (including two I got directly from two different people who considered him a friend), PSH was a wonderful, caring, down-to-earth person who had a continuing battle with demons. Aside from depriving [...]

Welcome Back Grayson (and more things to be thankful for)

Today is a day two years in the making.  Two years ago, as the 112th Congress was being sworn in, I was feeling badly that my favorite Congressman had been targeted and defeated and therefore wasn't returning for his second term.  I picked up the phone and called the number I had for Alan Grayson and, to my surprise, he answered. We had a lovely conversation and I've enjoyed being able to count him as a friend.  And today, I'm brimming with pride and joy that he is, once again, being sworn in as a member of the US House [...]

Hello Murphy, Good bye West! Plus Black Friday Strikes, Goats for Sudan and Forever Families!

The "Allen West is toast" victory tour continues today with the guy who unseated him! Patrick Murphy joined the show this morning to talk about beating the craziest member of the US House of Representatives. In case you were wondering, no, West never called him to conceded. He did it on Fox Faux News and Facebook. Now that's classLESS, but then again, I'd expect nothing more from a war criminal piece of shit like Allen West.

This Time it’s Real – Allen West is History!

  I've been waiting for this day for almost two years.  Good riddance Allen West; may we never be subjected to your hatred and insanity ever again! Early this morning, the former congressman conceded victory to his challenger, Patrick Murphy, in the congressional race for Florida's 18th district. I actually supported West's bid for a recount, as there were serious problems with the vote counting (what else is new?).  Although two judges turned down West's requests, the St. Lucie County canvassing board actually gave him what he asked for - a recount of that county's early votes.  The recount widened [...]

Veterans Day Double Header

Veterans Day was officially yesterday - November 11 , but we'll talk about it today on both my show and Randi Rhodes'! We honor those who served our nation while, at the same time, hope we never send more men & women to war.  So, Leah Bolger, president of Veterans for Peace will join me on both shows today. On my show, we'll talk about the latest casualty in the world of progressive talk radio.  On Friday evening, Clear Channel flipped Portland's KPOJ to sports.. deja vu all over again. Florida's 29 electoral votes were finally awarded to President Obama! [...]

2012 FTW (For the Win!)

We dodged a big bullet in the form of Mitt Romney last night.  American won a number of victories last night on a few fronts, but truly, our work is just beginning.  Since President Obama will now have a second term - and a good majority in the Senate - we have a fighting chance to insure the longevity of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - and the other ideals that make this nation great.  But "fighting" is the operative word there, as the Republicans might be bad winners, they're certainly very sore losers. As we saw during this election [...]

Allen West’s Greatest Hits

I knew Allen West would stoop as low as he needs to go in order to try to win a second term in the US Congress.  Make no mistake, this man should be in a military brig, not on Capitol Hill. His latest despicable act comes in the form of an attack ad against his opponent, Patrick Murphy, which pits an arrest for underage drinking when Murphy was 19 against Allen West getting deployment orders on that same day in 2003. If we're going to hold teenage stunts against candidates, perhaps we should revisit Mitt Romney's homophobic antics in prep [...]

A Progressive Call to Action!

Listen to this episode: {play}http://traffic.libsyn.com/radioornot/20120808_Nicole_Sandler_Show_-_Get_Money_Out.mp3 {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   If we keep repeating what happened last night in Washington and Michigan, we're going to wind up with a Congress full of assholes like Allen West and Mitt Romney in the White House.  Last night, the voters in Washington's 1st Congressional district really blew it.  Instead of nominating a true progressive in Darcy Burner, they wound up with a corpora-Dem in Suzan DelBene, who'll likely not make it as far as election day in November due to her shoddy (illegal?) financial disclosure filings.  According to Howie Klein over [...]

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