2-25-15 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally.   In the News DHS: Two-vote deal? Not so fast Obama vetoes Keystone: What next? "American Sniper" trial: Guilty Kerry makes case for AUMF Kerry: No Iran deal yet Netanyahu won't meet with Democrats Obamacare: No WH contingency plan VA sec apologizes for false claim Zimmerman: Not enough evidence DHS: [...]

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False Equivalencies

  I'm sick and tired of false equivalencies. We're presented with them constantly by a media that wouldn't understand the concept of objective journalism even if Walter Cronkite came back from the dead to bite it on the ass. Sorry, the failed launch of the Affordable Care Act - though truly a sign of ineptitude and inexcusable - is not the same as George W. Bush's horrendous reaction to Hurricane Katrina.  Not even close. Actually, the Affordable Care Act was designed to help people who previously couldn't  get access to health care. The lack of adequate response by Bush Jr [...]

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Juror B37 and Other Judicial Travesties

During yesterday's show, I read a news alert that said that the juror in the George Zimmerman murder trial known only as B37 had signed a book deal, and noted that there was something truly troubling about that. But a woman who goes by the handle @MoreAndAgain on Twitter didn't stop there.  She was so troubled by the prospect of this example of what's wrong with our judicial system (see video below) that she amassed some information about the agent and the publisher and using twitter, effectively, in just a few hours killed the book deal! About that juror.  Above, [...]

GOP’s Zombie War on Women or Love the Fetus, Hate the Child

March 18, 2013 was less than four months ago. That was the day that RNC chair, (the unfortunately named) Reince Priebus made public the GOP Autopsy  (his name for it, not ours). The 100-page report opined, on the subject of women, ... it is important to note that 40 percent of female voters are single and that Obama won single women by a whopping 36 percent.The RNC must improve its efforts to include female voters and promote women to leadership ranks within the committee. Additionally, when developing our Party’s message, women need to be part of this process to represent some of the unique concerns that female voters may [...]

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America – Still the Land of the Free?

  I don't question the "home of the brave" - that was proven again earlier this week when 17 firefighters lost their lives demonstrating their bravery while truly trying to protect some fellow Americans.   But is America still the 'land of the free"? I don't think so. The Bill of Rights has been gutted - except for the Second Amendment, which is the only on the Republican Party seems to care about, even though they ignore its first four words "A well-regulated militia". And although, via the documents released by Edward Snowden, we now know that the Fourth Amendment [...]

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  No, WTMI isn't some new radio station.  It stands for Way Too Much Information. I often bemoan the problems foisted upon the rest of us by low information voters.  But in the case of the George Zimmerman murder trial, too many people are getting too much information and are way too obsessed with the minute details of every aspect of this case. The media keeps hyping it to cash in on the ratings bonanza it'll provide, and America is hanging on every word. This circus will end in a few weeks, and the six women on the jury will [...]

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I Take a Day Off, and All Hell Breaks Loose!

I take one morning off and everything goes insane!  Seriously, as I watched a parade of ridiculous events transpire Tuesday afternoon and evening, all I could think was that it figures, I'd be off the air the following day. So, today's show began with a recap of the madness... First, Rick "Frothy" Santorum pulls out - of the presidential race, that is.  Aww shucks, sorry to see his campaign come to an end (or not). Then, George W. Bush emerged from the shadows to remind us of his lack of brains.  One direct quote: "If you raise taxes [...]

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Killing in America

Who can forget that image? That's the gunman, whose name I don't care to remember, who gunned down 33 people in cold blood. He was mentally unstable, and he was able to buy a gun and ammunition. In Texas, in 2007, shortly after the Stand Your Ground or Kill at Will bill was passed, a shotgun-armed man decided to shoot and kill two men who broke into his neighbor's house, even though the cop on the 911 call with him told him, explicitly, not to.  Hear it for yourself: Quite chilling. You can hear the guy firing the shotgun that [...]

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(No) Hate

Hate is what got us here. Hate is what killed Trayvon Martin. Hate for anything doesn't conform to certain beliefs is what's motivating the war on women, and the war on health care.  Hate is what is responsible for wars.  If we could get rid of the hatred and encourage compassion for people who are different then we might have hope for the future. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem very likely. This morning, I played this video, brought to my attention by Nicole Belle. What kind of hatred on the part of self-righteous lawmakers would make this woman, Lauren Zuniga, have [...]

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