Before the pandemic hit, I used to spend my weekends volunteering at our county’s animal shelter. I walked and played with the dogs, and helped them find new humans… Since I stay home these days, I’ve taken up a few new interests.

I’ve been cooking vegan and slowly sharing recipes here.

And I’ve taken up painting. I’ve only been at it since October. But I’m having fun, and it helps with the stress of life in 2020.

I’ve been posting them on Facebook and Twitter and have been getting great response. So I figured I should put up a page, and make them available.

She here’s the deal… If you see a painting you’d like, first email me to make sure the one you want is still available. If it is, just donate $40 or more to the show, and I’ll send it out to you.  If the one you want is taken, I’m happy to re-create it for you for a similar donation.

A new development: Pet Portraits!

A couple of people asked me to try to paint portraits of their pets. I didn’t think I could, but said I’d try. The results are below.

Buddy the cat was my first, Char the dog my second. So I took on my own dog, Jaxson.

If you’re interested in a custom portrait of your pet, I’m happy to give it a shot. Because of the time and effort involved, custom portraits start at $65 and up, depending on size, number of pets, and complexity of the picture.  Email me and we can make arrangements…

Thanks for looking!

Pet Portraits

Available Originals

All of these are available for a donation of $40 or more to the show! Please email me first to make sure the one you want hasn’t been scooped up yet. (If it is, I can paint a new version of it too…)

Already Claimed (But If You Really Want One…)

All of these have already been claimed by their new owners. But if you want on, I’m happy to re-create any of these paintings for a donation of $55 or more to the show! Please email me first so we can decide on the size and any other custom elements you’d like.

A Bernie Mittens Meme Fundraiser!

While I’m still painting your pet portraits on commission and continuing my artistic explorations with other paintings, I decided to try my hand at the Bernie Sanders Mittens Inauguration photo that went viral. I painted it this weekend, and the response was awesome!

I posted it on Facebook and Twitter, and was amazed at the response. A number of people asked about buying it, so I thought, AUCTION TIME!

The original painting (8″x8″ on stretched canvas, acrylics) is available for auction now. Just follow the link.

And I’m offering another, custom edition. In the memes that went viral, Bernie was everywhere. This will be truly custom. Customizable elements: canvas size — from 8″x8″, 10×10, 9×12, 11×14, 12×12. You can customize the colors of Bernie’s pants, jacket, shoes and even his face mask. And I’ll paint Bernie in the background specified by the winning bidder in the Custom Bernie Mittens Meme Painting auction. That one’s here. 

All proceeds benefit The Nicole Sandler Show!  Happy Bidding!

** Update: The auction has ended and we have a winner. They wanted Bernie on a stark white background, holding a white flag. Here it is

If you want your own Bernie meme custom painting, just reach out. Let’s talk!