false equivalency


I’m sick and tired of false equivalencies. We’re presented with them constantly by a media that wouldn’t understand the concept of objective journalism even if Walter Cronkite came back from the dead to bite it on the ass.

Sorry, the failed launch of the Affordable Care Act – though truly a sign of ineptitude and inexcusable – is not the same as George W. Bush’s horrendous reaction to Hurricane Katrina.  Not even close.

Actually, the Affordable Care Act was designed to help people who previously couldn’t  get access to health care. The lack of adequate response by Bush Jr and his administration to the suffering in the wake of Katrina just showed its lack of concern over the plight of those in need.

Opposite world.

For some reason, Sarah Palin is applauded by her sycophants when she suggests “reloading” against her political opponents, but when Martin Bashir responds to her “not racist” comments by citing historical facts, he’s the one who has to apologize?

How about making Sarah Palin sit through 12 Years a Slave a few times before she invokes “slavery” in one of her word salad speeches again?

Another example comes from the recent right wing attempt to turn IRS officials doing their job into yet another SCANDAL!™  You might remember the witch hunt about those IRS workers who allegedly flagged only right wing groups that applied for tax exempt 501(c)4 status for greater scrutiny, when it turned out that the intrepid workers actually flagged any group that appeared political – whether conservative or progressive!  The “news” media never told you that part of the story, but it’s true.  And still, Fox will claim that the IRS workers went on a GOP witch hunt, when the opposite is true.

Those same “news” reports will cite information released by very partisan groups as coming from non-partisan (and yes, non-profit and therefore tax-exempt) think tanks.  Thanks to our friends at the Center for Media & Democracy, we now know that those so-called Think Tanks are actually better described as Stink Tanks!

Lisa Graves joined me this morning to talk about the results of their latest study at StinkTanks.org.

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