It’s a Thursday, so we have a date with Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny & the Blue America PAC. It’s not like there’s a shortage of things to discuss… in fact, too much news for a one-hour show.
There was the SCOTUS hearing this morning on Trump’s ridiculous concept of absolute immunity (but there are some ridiculous people sitting on that extreme bench these days), the were 3 members of the AZ Republican House voting with all the Dems to kill the 1864 abortion ban (now goes to the senate and then the governor?). The FCC restored Net Neutrality rules killed by TFG’s administration, and the FTC said no more airline junk fees. Of course TFG is still nodding off in a Manhattan courtroom where his first of four criminal cases against him is being heard.

But Howie asked me an important question this week that I never answered, and the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” class of 2024 was announced, and I think they need to change its name to the Popular Music Hall of Fame!