11-2-18 Nicole Sandler Show – The Opposite of Hate with Sally Kohn

Nicole Sandler welcomes her old friend Sally Kohn -- columnist, activist and author of the new book, The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity back to the show.

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Soothing the Savage Beast

If there's been a theme running through this week's shows, it's been the nastiness with which those who sit on the opposite side of the political aisle from me (and, likely, you if you're reading this and listening to my shows) interact with us. It began with a tweet from a stranger to me. Out of the blue, this troll pops up on my twitter page to post @nicolesandler When you produced M&B it was all about risk & freedom & now you're a socialist?. Brian adored Ayn Rand, WTF happened to you? — Tom Cruz'n (@TinPotDickTator) December 2, 2013 [...]

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Wednesday Women!

Today on my show, I welcomed Sally Kohn, the liberal who often appears on Fox to challenge their craziness.  Her piece, "I was An Obamacare Guinea Pig" is making right wing heads explode.  She'll also join me on Randi's show this afternoon. Susie Madrak of Crooks and Liars joined in to talk about how the Republicans can dish our the slams but can't take them.  Her example was their anger at Congressman Alan Grayson for calling the teabaggers out as less popular than the Klan! I also exposed the GOP as a bunch of pathological liars... I'll continue that discussion later [...]

Arrested for…Dancing?!?!

I sent out an email yesterday with more details on my arrest last month.  Most of the responses were from people who understood what's at stake when you can be forcefully ejected from an event billed as a "Town Hall Meeting" with YOUR congressman for daring to ask a question or openly disagreeing with said congressman. I did get one response from someone who considers himself a "progressive independent" yet apparently doesn't believe in our rights of free speech: It sounds like you went there looking for a fight…and you got one. If you expected treatment of a different manner, [...]

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Today on the Randi Rhodes Show!

Yes, I'm filling in for Randi again today, and we have a great show lined up for you... Although the South Florida Sun Sentinel continues to mis-characterize what I was doing at an event put on by my congressman and advertised as a town hall meeting...  I went to ask my congressman a question, and to have him hear what I had to say.  Isn't that what town hall meetings are for? Anyway, in today's paper, the headline reads "Protester arrested at Congressman Allen West's town hall meeting won't be prosecuted".  I wasn't there as a "protester," I wasn't a "heckler" [...]

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