Unrest and Disorder

  The more things change, the more they stay the same. Last night, the peace in Ferguson, MO was once again shattered by a standoff between police and protesters. According to the police, provocateurs in the crowd fired guns and threw Molotov cocktails at the line of police. According to protesters (as well as media representatives on my show today), the aggression came from the uniformed force of power attempting to disperse the crowd. I'd call the actions of the Ferguson PD and Mayor, of the Missouri Governor and the rest of the "powers-that-be" a "comedy of errors" except there's nothing [...]

Whose Airwaves? (04/21/2014)

Radio is a sound salvationRadio is cleaning up the nationThey say you better listen to the voice of reasonBut they don't give you any choice'cause they think that it's treason.So you had better do as you are told.You better listen to the radio.I wanna bite the hand that feeds me.I wanna bite that hand so badly.I want to make them wish they'd never seen me.Some of my friends sit around every eveningand they worry about the times aheadBut everybody else is overwhelmed by indifferenceand the promise of an early bedYou either shut up or get cut up;they don't wanna hear [...]


Tomorrow is April 15. It's s double-whammy this year. Not only is it tax filing day, but it's also the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. It's easy to understand why I just want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head. This year, I got my taxes done early. Unfortunately, I owe the IRS a lot of money. The reason why is might surprise you. Due to financial hardship, I had to take my savings out of my IRA. Obviously, I saved that money fully intending to use it after I retired. Unfortunately, life [...]

Monday Madness

It was a crazy day... a double header, as I got the call to guest host the Randi Rhodes Show shortly before hitting the air here at Radio or Not. And I had to take David to the airport in between the two shows... So, running late, I was rushing up to Randi's studio and rear-ended a car at a stop light. Completely my fault... Anyway... here's the podcast.  Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel.net) and Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill® helped make the show interesting...

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Colbert, Christie, Climate & Christian Hypocrisy

(Ed note: I know the image above is not of a cow. It was the perfect image for today's show, where nothing is as it should be. Welcome to Opposite World, Bizarro World, or the world where a cow looks like a horse.) Let's begin with Colbert. Last week, Stephen Colbert showed what real satire is, and the right wing nuts in this country proved they haven't got a clue. Colbert pointed out the complete insincerity and blatant racism of Dan Snyder, the guy who owns the NFL team based in Washington DC, with this bit (starts at the 8:31 [...]

Spring Break

It is spring break in South Florida this weekend, but it's actually more like Spring Broken! First, the obvious! Technical problems prove that my system is broken. I tried to fix my phone problems over the weekend and seem to have made matters worse (damned Mac update!). I'll try to fix those problems before hitting the air tomorrow morning. The other broken things just might be above my pay grade! Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster - and 25 years later, we're all still paying the price. Shannyn Moore was there and wrote about it. For [...]

Media Fail

  If there's one subject I talk about a lot on this show it's the epic failure of media in America. Today, I spoke with journalist David Dayen who wrote a piece for Al Jazeera America  about the "Better Off Budget" - the budget released by the Congressional Progressive Caucus on Wednesday of last week. Unless you saw Dayen's piece or read about in on another blog somewhere, you don't know that it was offered, because the mainstream, corporate media completely ignored it... as they do every year! Dave Johnson asked "Why the Blackout on the Progressive 'Better off Budget'?" [...]

CPAC Madness

It's March, so time to break out the brackets. Since CPAC amazed and confused us this weekend, I thought I'd put together brackets to determine the king or queen of the conservatives. I couldn't decide if the competition should be for the craziest among them or who would be their 2016 nominee or, perhaps, if that was one and the same.  Either way, have fun with the bracket. Or use it as a dartboard... This morning,  RH Reality Check's Adele Stan - a survivor of many a CPAC - joined in to help me debrief this weekend's festivities.  Read Addie's [...]

Winners & Losers

I guess Jared Leto was the loser in the picture above because Bradley Cooper's arms weren't long enough to get Leto- standing next to Jennifer Lawrence- in this record-breaking selfie tweeted out by Ellen DeGeneres. But I'm pretty confident in saying that anyone who was in the general proximity of that shot is one of society's "winners". I'd guess none of them is worried about paying their rent or where their next meal is coming from or even how they'll put their kid through college. That's the winner vs. loser conversation that's more important than who allegedly did a better [...]

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The FloriDUH files

A jury in FloriDUH found the killer of Jordan Davis guilty of the attempted murder of the three teens he didn't kill when he shot 10 rounds into the SUV that was playing loud music, but couldn't come to a verdict on the murder charge against him for actually killing Jordan Davis. In honor of Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin and the other innocent victims of "Stand Your Ground" whose names we don't know, I give you this song from Patty Griffin: Today is a President's Day double-header... so pardon my brevity, but I'm heading up to Randi Rhodes' studio to [...]

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