White House Falters and Admittedly Fouls, Hebdo Continues

Eric Holder was taping effing Red Meat Meet the Press during the Unitè rally in Paris this past Sunday ... blocks away from the surrounding streams of over 3 million people and an arms-linked impressive front line of world leaders. I was embarrassed and critical of President Obama's decision not to attend or delegate Joe Biden to France with due dispatch. I agreed with Nicole's opinions on air and in her spot on blog yesterday, link here. And as the talking heads seem to agree upon, this is rather the raison d'être for Veeps lurking around. Today I am outraged. [...]

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9-26-14 Nicole Sandler Show – My Dream Ticket

Today, Nicole Sandler speaks with two of her favorite members of Congress - Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Alan Grayson. Plus, farwell to Eric Holder, and a musical Flashback Friday segment with Lyle Lovett from 1995 at LA's KSCA fm 101.9

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What’s the Matter With America?

  As evidenced by the events unfolding in Ferguson, MO over the past 10 days, there's a lot wrong with America. Some of the problems are within the president's authority to fix. Thomas Frank  joined me in the last half-hour of today's show to talk about the three he outlined in his latest piece at Salon, "How to Wreck the GOP in 3 Easy Steps." Of course, his suggestions would only wreck the GOP's chances of taking over the Senate in November, and bolster the Democrats', and make the country better for those of us struggling to get through each [...]

Dumbing Down of America

I was attacked by a troll on twitter today. The moron was still screaming about a comment I made on Monday while guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show. She didn't like that I said the Democrats were spineless and they they should have gone after Clarence Thomas for lying about his conflict of interest on the Affordable Care Act and non-disclosure of his wife's income from that conflict of interest. @Kennymack1971 A few days ago, emo Nicole Sandler was lambasting Dems for not impeaching Clarence Thomas. She doesn't know shit. @LuthorCEO — TrumpDog (@TrumpDog1) April 10, 2014 The moron continued [...]

Casting Aspersions on Asparagus… or … Louie Go-Home-rt

I often joke about Opposite World, as it is all to often the case that we seem to be living in a place where everything is just wrong.  But when in opposite world, one can at least find some semblance of reason - misguided as it may be.  In the case of Texas four-term Congressman Louie Gohmert, there is no line of reasoning that can help us figure out what the hell he is talking about! Yes, Gohmert was a runner-up in Bill Maher's "America's Craziest Congressperson" contest, for good reason.  But his performance in yesterday's House Judiciary hearing with [...]

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The Real Scandal

Last night at my daughter's softball game, I was chatting with one of the other moms about our daughters entering high school in the fall.  The other mom told me that her daughter was joining ROTC because she's always wanted to go into the military.  I smiled gently and just said "I hope that we're not fighting any wars by the time she graduates."  But hidden behind my tentative smile was the sadness in knowing that if this young woman does join the military, she has a greater than 1 in 4 chance of being raped while serving her country. [...]

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Scandal-Gate Spate

The Republican party has been fishing for a scandal, and now they've got one... or two, but not three, and one of them is not the scandal they've been pushing! The scandal is not in Benghazi, and it has nothing to do with Benghazi.  Sadly, four Americans lost their lives there.  But if rewriting talking points a dozen times before they're released by a governmental agency then we're in really big trouble. Benghazi was a tragedy exploited by Fox and its minions to thrust a scandal upon the Obama administration, with the added value of discrediting the potential 2016 Democratic [...]

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I’ve got the SCOTUS nomination blues

Oh Obama, we had such high hopes for you! On April 20, Christina Bellantoni of Talking Points Memo wrote: In comments that are at odds with the conventional wisdom about what Obama needs to do to make sure the Senate confirms his nominee to replace John Paul Stevens, a White House official involved in the confirmation process tells TPMDC that the President isn't taking a cautious approach to selecting a nominee. Despite having one less Democrat in the Senate than when Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed last year, the administration isn't limiting itself to reviewing only centrist candidates for the court [...]

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