2-5-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Impeachment, SOTU & Iowa: Making Ugly History with Lee Fang

Just click to play: or download here   The Intercept's investigative reporter Lee Fang joins Nicole Sandler to give us the back story behind the infamous app that doomed the Iowa caucuses and to help fact check last night's State of the Union address from the liar-in-chief, Donald Trump. He wrote about it for The Intercept in a piece titled, "New Details Show How Deeply Iowa Caucus App Developer Was Embedded in Democratic Establishment" Plus, Trump lied his way through his third State of the Union address last night, and the impeachment trial of Trump limps across the finish line [...]

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5-4-16 Nicole Sandler Show – The Short, Late, but Important Show

Bernie Sanders proved the pundits and pollsters wrong by winning Indiana by 5 points. Now on to West Virginia. Today, we push back on the right wing narratives about the two Democratic campaigns fundraising with Politico's Ken Vogel and The Intercept's Lee Fang. Today's show was delayed as our power here in South Florida went out just moments before air time. When it came back on and I was still able to get Ken and Lee on to discuss their respective stories, we went for it. Of course, two minutes after ending the show, the power went out again. Welcome to FloriDUH and our fabulous infrastructure.

What’s the Matter Here?

The stories about domestic abuse in the NFL were bad enough. The video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious then-fiance from an elevator provided the visual that enraged us. The second video of him landing the blow that knocked her into the raid and knocked her out somehow changed everything in the discussion of the culture of violence surrounding that already violent sport. As abhorrent as someone as big, strong and powerful as a professional football player hitting a woman who is most certainly stronger and weaker than he, the news that one of these brutes brutalized his child and defended [...]

#RANpaul, #WarOnWhites & More GOP Insanity

  I don't know which on is more offensive - Congressman Steve King's comments to the DREAMers who dared question him about his desire to deport them, or Senator Rand (Ran) Paul's dine and dash upon hearing them identify themselves as DREAMers! I began the show with the whole video, embedded below for your convenience, and remind you why DREAM Action Coalition co-director Erika Andiola and fellow DREAMer Cesar Vargas wanted to talk with him in the first place. You'll remember that, in a Newsmax interview in July of 2013, Steve King likened DREAMers to drug smugglers with calves the size of [...]

Everybody Knows

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded  Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed  Everybody knows that the war is over  Everybody knows the good guys lost  Everybody knows the fight was fixed  The poor stay poor, the rich get rich  That's how it goes  Everybody knows --Leonard Cohen I'm a bit confused.  But everything today seems to be inside out and backwards... we are firmly in opposite world again (not that we ever left). My twitter stream is overflowing with so-called progressives excoriating Edward Snowden for blowing the whistle on the ever-growing intrusive surveillance of Americans - because, well, he [...]

The Real Scandal

Last night at my daughter's softball game, I was chatting with one of the other moms about our daughters entering high school in the fall.  The other mom told me that her daughter was joining ROTC because she's always wanted to go into the military.  I smiled gently and just said "I hope that we're not fighting any wars by the time she graduates."  But hidden behind my tentative smile was the sadness in knowing that if this young woman does join the military, she has a greater than 1 in 4 chance of being raped while serving her country. [...]

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Follow the Money

Listen to this episode: {play }http://traffic.libsyn.com/radioornot/20120604_Nicole_Sandler_Show-Follow_the_Money.mp3 {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   Rmoney. Kind of says it all.  Except it's not our money.  Today on the show, we'll examine the money trail - who it's coming from and how it's being spent, as Lee Fang joins in from United Republic and the Republic Report.   Some of the stories we'll discuss: Florida Official Behind Gov. Rick Scott's Voter Purge Linked to 1 Billion Dollar Campaign Effort Against Obama EXCLUSIVE: Is JP Morgan Paying for John Boehner's Personal Polling Operation? Questions Surround Shadowy Front "New Models USA" Koch Network Alone [...]

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From Tahrir Square to UC Davis, It’s Newt’s Kind of World

There's a lot of these going around.  By these, I mean Fun with Photoshop™ pictures of Pepper Spraying Pike - the UC Davis cop responsible for this piece of tragedy: The chicken shit cop with the pepper spray is one UC Davis police Lt. John Pike - who reportedly makes a base salary of $116,454!  And you wonder why your tuition is so high. Although the coward has been suspended pending an investigation into the matter,  he's being mocked in quite creative ways by people armed with a peaceful tool known as Photoshop!  Some of my faves...   and [...]

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Koch Suckers

Those self-serving, right wing fanatical Ayn Randian Koch brothers are at it again.  Earlier this week, we learned that they had used their money to buy influence at Florida State University that would give them the authority to reject potential professors from being hired, to recommend their own, and to have a say in the curriculum as well.  As Think Progress reported, The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation entered into an agreement with Florida State University in 2008 in which the foundation would provide millions of dollars in funds for the school’s economics department.The funds were marked to add multiple [...]

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