4-26-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Getting it Correct with Dave Johnson

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)     Today begins a new week that will mark President Joe Biden's 100th day in office, and his first address to a joint session of Congress. I'll take stock of where we are at this point with blogger Dave Johnson, from a long line of Johnsons who are usually right, er, correct. Today, I began the show once again lamenting the sad state of police in this country who seem bound and determined to flex their power muscles, kill Black people and [...]

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3-5-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Moronic Men and Fabulous Females

Today, Nicole talks about the lack of progress here in the US regarding equal rights for all. One prime example is the GOP's continued efforts to stop everyone from having access to health care. CAP's Ian Millhiser guests to explain what happened at the Supreme Court yesterday. In hour two, Amy Simon with some Fabulous Female Facts to inform you for Women's History Month

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What’s the Matter With America?

  As evidenced by the events unfolding in Ferguson, MO over the past 10 days, there's a lot wrong with America. Some of the problems are within the president's authority to fix. Thomas Frank  joined me in the last half-hour of today's show to talk about the three he outlined in his latest piece at Salon, "How to Wreck the GOP in 3 Easy Steps." Of course, his suggestions would only wreck the GOP's chances of taking over the Senate in November, and bolster the Democrats', and make the country better for those of us struggling to get through each [...]

To Serve and Protect… or Not

The "About LAPD" page at JoinLAPD.com tells us: In 1955, a contest was announced in the Los Angeles Police Department's internal magazine, BEAT. The contest involved devising a motto for the Los Angeles Police Academy. The motto needed to be something that would succinctly express the ideals to which those who serve as Los Angeles Police Officers are dedicated. The winning entry, "to protect and to serve", was submitted by Officer Joseph S. Dorobek and served as the LAPD academy's motto until, by City Council action, it became the official motto of the entire Los Angeles Police Department in 1963. It continues [...]

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