8-8-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Trump Trial Talk with Marcy ‘Emptywheel’ Wheeler

  View on Zencastr   Today in Atlanta, GA, the roads surrounding the Fulton County Courthouse were closed in anticipation of the next indictment coming for the former guy. That'll be #4. And that's on top of his already being found liable for rape and defamation of E. Jean Carroll. But the case is still ongoing, as his big mouth after the verdict got him hit with another defamation suit. Too bad for him, his counter-suit was just dismissed by the judge... Plus there's a trial date set for March in a NYC courtroom for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's case [...]

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Throwback Thursday – 30 Years Ago Today We Went to Saudi Arabia to do a Radio Show

Thirty years ago today, I was the producer of biggest morning radio show in Los Angeles - The Mark & Brian Show at KLOS. It was the eve of the first Gulf War, and we teamed up with the USO to travel to Saudi Arabia to do a radio show and deliver holiday gifts to the troops stationed there. Here's the diary I kept of that trip. Monday, Dec 17, 1990 12:50 PM (Los Angeles time) We are on MGM Grand Air — flying over South Dakota. Mark & Brian and I are flying to Saudi Arabia to broadcast back to the [...]

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RIP Jorge Rodriguez

        "Boca" Britany Somers, Nicole Sandler and Jorge Rodriguez   My friend Jorge Rodriguez died on Friday. He was having lunch with his daughter when he suffered a heart attack and died. I'm devastated. I hadn't seen Jorge in a while. But Brit and I were just talking about him, as I was bemoaning my studio troubles and whining that I needed a good engineer to come over and help me figure out the problems. Brit said, "Call Jorge!". I didn't call. I emailed him. And I'm kicking myself because I should have picked up the fucking phone. [...]

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Radio or Not – Part One

***Housekeeping note *** As this is a work in progress, I'll likely go in and edit and change a lot of it as we go along. Like the opening of the project. On my first draft, I opened with my recurring dream about the elusive radio station of my dreams. But a week later I went in and changed it to the reality of the nightmare we're living through. It may change again... we'll see....   I keep thinking that this is all just a terrifying nightmare. That I’ll awaken and it’ll be Nov. 9, 2016 and Donald Trump will [...]

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Alanis Morissette

  When Alanis Morissette burst onto the scene in the summer of 1995, KSCA fm 101.9 had been on the air in Los Angeles for about a year. I was one of the lucky few to be in the room for a showcase at a small club in West LA whose name I can't remember, though I can still picture the scene quite clearly. She was in the larger, upstairs room, filled with mostly industry people. I was mesmerized as she strutted across the stage, flinging her hair wildly while sing-screaming about going down on her ex in a theater [...]

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Gregg Alexander (New Radicals)

    In October of 1998, shortly after we signed Channel 103.1 on the air, a band called New Radicals released its one and only album, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too. It quickly became my favorite album of the year, with “You Get What You Give” my personal theme song. Although the album was recorded under the New Radicals moniker, it was really a Gregg Alexander project. He wrote and produced all the songs and played most of the instruments. After YGWYG took off, Gregg shunned the spotlight, realizing he really hated the “rigamarole” that goes along with promoting a [...]

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Tom Petty

Tom Petty with Nicole Sandler, Sandy, and Keith Cunningham of Channel 103.1/Los Angeles, and Nancy Klugman of WB Records   https://fans.fm/p/aJlpM3E.mp3   Since I spoke with Jon Scott - the guy who broke Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and wrote about it in his new book, Tom Petty and Me on Friday's show, I thought I'd share my one and only interview with him as well. It was April of 1999, and the 10th studio album from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Echo, had just been released. I was working at Channel 103.1 in Los Angeles. Tom didn't [...]

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Ray Davies (The Kinks)

      Like most people my age, I grew up with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks. Some artists are just legendary in stature, and those three are rock and roll royalty in my book. So when I heard Ray Davies was in town for a show, had written a new book, and a new Kinks album was coming out, I figured I'd try to get him in the studio for an interview. Though he said no to a live performance, he did join me on the air for one of the most memorable mornings of my [...]

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Jackson Browne

  I had met Jackson Browne a few times over the years, and had seem him in concert dozens of times. I finally got to interview him for the first time when he joined me in the fm 101.9 Music Hall on September 13, 1996. This still ranks up among my favorite artist interviews. I then went on to host Jackson Browne for his appearance on the "Columbia Records Radio Hour". (I haven't been able to locate a recording of that, sadly.)   For a few years, we tried to schedule an interview on my Air America radio show. By [...]

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Colin Hay (Men at Work)

Men At Work was the band of the early 80's, having sold over 30 million records worldwide. More than just a band with a string of Top 40 hits, they appealed to a much wider audience. Men At Work was led by founder/singer/songwriter/guitarist Colin Hay... Following the success of Men At Work, Colin went on to forge a new beginning as a solo singer/songwriter and most importantly, storyteller. I was fortunate enough to have interviewed him twice.  First at KSCA fm101.9 in Los Angeles on July 13, 1995. The second time was five years later -- I don't have the [...]

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