Kagan Confirmed, ‘Anchor Babies’ Under Fire, and Net Neutrality Neutered?

Yes, it's another busy day in the USA. The Senate today confirmed Elena Kagan as the 112th  Justice of the Supreme Court, but the Republicans (and Ben Nelson) show they just do not want to play ball. The final vote was 63-37, with five Republicans (Snowe and Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of S.C., Lugar of Indiana, and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire) voting for her confirmation (no Scott Brown, hmmm), and one DINO, Ben Nelson, voting against her.  Can we just kick Nelson out of the party already? Net Neutrality is also top of mind today as [...]

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Day 72 and the Oil’s Still Spewing

It's a busy news week. Elena Kagan's Supreme Court confirmation hearings have been going on all week. General Petraeus was confirmed as the next leader of all forces in Afghanistan. Scott Brown successfully got the financial regulation legislation watered down even more, then decided not to vote for it after all. The Republicans successfully filibustered the extension of unemployment benefits yet again. Sharron Angle actually gave an interview. John Boehner proved that he doesn't know jack shit about anything (details on that one coming up). I get it. It's a busy news week and there's lots to talk about.  But [...]

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On a Progressive Roll

We are! OK, I know Joe Sestak isn't the most progressive of progressives (especially when it comes to the war in Afghanistan), but next to Arlen Specter, Sestak is practically Bernie Sanders!  And Bill Halter might not be a true progressive either, but if he can get Blanche Lincoln out of the Senate from the left, that's good enough for me today. The truly progressive candidate in the Kentucky Senatorial primary, Jack Conway, did win! In fact, with 226,773 votes, he garnered more than Rand Paul, the guy who's gotten all the headlines   (with 206,159 votes) or his losing [...]

Watching the Oil Flow

While the news is looking more and more ominous for those of us here in Florida, the Sunday talking head shows all just pontificated about Elena Kagan. Seriously! "Scientists are increasingly worried that huge plumes of crude already spilled could get caught in a current that would carry the mess all the way to the Florida Keys and beyond, damaging coral reefs and killing wildlife," reads the article that popped up on my browser just a moment ago, which would be a disaster - not only for Florida - but for the entire ecosystem of the earth. Yet, there was [...]

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I Won!

***File fixed.. This is now the May 11 episode of the Nicole Sandler Show*** For the second time in my life, I actually won something.  Democracy for America today announced the first round winners for their Netroots Nation 2010 Scholarships, and I was one of them!  There are two more rounds of competition, so it's not too late for you to throw your hat in the ring! My prize is one of 40 scholarships DFA will award to worthy bloggers, and includes registration and hotel accommodations for Netroots Nation, happening July 22-25 in Las Vegas!  I'm thrilled, as I believe [...]

I’ve got the SCOTUS nomination blues

Oh Obama, we had such high hopes for you! On April 20, Christina Bellantoni of Talking Points Memo wrote: In comments that are at odds with the conventional wisdom about what Obama needs to do to make sure the Senate confirms his nominee to replace John Paul Stevens, a White House official involved in the confirmation process tells TPMDC that the President isn't taking a cautious approach to selecting a nominee. Despite having one less Democrat in the Senate than when Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed last year, the administration isn't limiting itself to reviewing only centrist candidates for the court [...]

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