CPAC Madness

It's March, so time to break out the brackets. Since CPAC amazed and confused us this weekend, I thought I'd put together brackets to determine the king or queen of the conservatives. I couldn't decide if the competition should be for the craziest among them or who would be their 2016 nominee or, perhaps, if that was one and the same.  Either way, have fun with the bracket. Or use it as a dartboard... This morning,  RH Reality Check's Adele Stan - a survivor of many a CPAC - joined in to help me debrief this weekend's festivities.  Read Addie's [...]

Two-Fer Tuesday!

It's another busy day in radio land... I just finished this morning's show (which you can hear by clicking the player at the top of this post), and will shortly head up to Randi Rhodes' studio to guest host her show this afternoon.  As her former XM channel no longer exists, you can listen on any of her affiliate stations via the TuneIn Radio app on your smart phone or directly from This morning on my show, I spoke with RH Reality Check's Adele Stan about how the Catholic Church is actively working with some members of Congress to [...]

GOP’s Zombie War on Women or Love the Fetus, Hate the Child

March 18, 2013 was less than four months ago. That was the day that RNC chair, (the unfortunately named) Reince Priebus made public the GOP Autopsy  (his name for it, not ours). The 100-page report opined, on the subject of women, ... it is important to note that 40 percent of female voters are single and that Obama won single women by a whopping 36 percent.The RNC must improve its efforts to include female voters and promote women to leadership ranks within the committee. Additionally, when developing our Party’s message, women need to be part of this process to represent some of the unique concerns that female voters may [...]

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Because Everything is Better With Music

Music and Politics- my two areas of passion. And sometimes they come together. It was a little of both this morning on the show. Rand Paul delivered an absolutely absurd speech yesterday at Howard University.  Alternet's Adele Stan who graciously joined in on today's show to give her eyewitness account, wrote about it in a piece called "Rand Paul Explains Black History to Black People." Julianna Forlano just returned from the National Conference for Media Reform, and told us about it, whistleblowers, lack of privacy and more this morning, plus weighed in on the possibility of Anthony Weiner jumping back [...]

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  I've known Michelle Shocked for about 25 years.  I first met her in 1988 when her label at the time put a bunch of radio people on a train from Los Angeles to San Diego and back for a performance to promote her first single, "If Love Was a Train" .    It was probably four or five years later that I first interviewed her. I had the pleasure of hosting Michelle Shocked on the air a number of times throughout my radio career.  One particularly wonderful,  memorable appearance was from August of 1994 at the now defunct but [...]

My Birthday Wish

  That's me... 53 years ago Sunday. My birthday often falls on election day. Ronald Reagan was elected on my 21st birthday. My first time in the voting booth, and I proudly voted for the candidate that lost. Barack Obama made history on my 49th birthday.  And this year, my big day comes two days before election day. People who regularly listen to my show and read this blog know that I always call things the way I see them.  Because of that, I've been attacked with pseudo-insults ever since by so-called liberals.  I've been called "emo-prog" and "firebagger" (whatever [...]

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