3-29-16 Quick Morning News

 Victoria Jones created and edits Quick Morning News. She is chief White House correspondent with Washington DC-based Talk Media News, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally.  Quick NewsEgypt plane hijacked - "Not terrorism"Police shoot man with gun at US CapitolDoJ breaks into iPhone - drops Apple caseSCOTUS conflict: Clinton rips into GOPSecret Service: No guns at GOP conventionObama admin today; Opioid treatmentGeorgia gov: Veto of "Religious freedom" billFidel blasts Obama's Cuba trip Egypt Plane Hijacked - Passengers Freed - Developing (BBC)• All passengers on board a hijacked Egyptian airliner [...]

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Twenty-First Century Privacy

Thanks to the information released by Edward Snowden via The Guardian and the Washington Post, the world is now talking about super-secret surveillance that's been going on for decades.  Although the corporate media and the government would probably rather have you focus on Snowden and, to a lesser extent, Glenn Greenwald, the story is in the information that he risked his life and livelihood to expose.  Don't be distracted. Thankfully, many of us aren't falling for the ruse. On the 4th of July, a number of organizations joined forces to promote a day of rallies around the nation to Restore [...]

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America – Still the Land of the Free?

  I don't question the "home of the brave" - that was proven again earlier this week when 17 firefighters lost their lives demonstrating their bravery while truly trying to protect some fellow Americans.   But is America still the 'land of the free"? I don't think so. The Bill of Rights has been gutted - except for the Second Amendment, which is the only on the Republican Party seems to care about, even though they ignore its first four words "A well-regulated militia". And although, via the documents released by Edward Snowden, we now know that the Fourth Amendment [...]

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On Budgets, HAMP and Yemen

It was another busy day on the Randi Rhodes Show today. In the first hour, I welcomed The Hill's Brent Budowsky to help us try to understand the budget quagmire in Washington DC.  Honestly, I can't understand the rationale of Republicans who think that cutting programs to help the needy and cutting taxes on the wealthy individuals and corporations is the way to dig out of a devastating recession. In hour two, I was joined by David Dayen, who does an amazing job with the news at FireDogLake.  I asked to to come on to talk about the 10-part series [...]


While watching the people of Egypt win their peaceful revolution Thursday, one song was playing on a loop in my mind. Freedom! While the people of Egypt have a long road ahead of them, they did it! They won freedom from a dictator who has ruled their world for over thirty years. But the real lesson here is that they did it through peaceful protests - no "second amendment remedies" necessary. To those who suggest we might be able to follow their lead here to get what we want, I wish it were that simple. We have a deeply divided [...]

Soothing the Savage Beast

I'm not feeling great today, and my savage soul could use a little soothing. So, I invited my friend (the awesome singer songwriter) Jill Sobule on the show this morning. After talking with her and hearing some of her songs, I am feeling a little better. Of course, I spent the first hour ranting about the insanity of the right wing.  By now, you've likely seen this video: In GOP world, education is bad, and you're only qualified to be president if you're a white Christian.  Maybe we should teach them the history of the Mormons. In other news... CPAC [...]

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And Glenn Beck is Still Out of his Fucking Mind

It's another busy Tuesday! Keith Olbermann's headed to Current TV. DLC will fold. No one's leaving Tahrir Square.  The House is back in session today, for a few hours anyway. And Glenn Beck is still out of his fucking mind. Those stories and more on today's Nicole Sander Show! Seriously... We started with another call to my new friend in Egypt. Marwa Rakha joined us on Thursday, and I called her again this morning for an update on the mood in Egypt. The reasons behind the uprising in Egypt are present here in the US as well.  We have an [...]

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I’ll Never Eat Doritos Again

I'll admit it. I'm one of those who prefers the commercials to the game. But thanks to that disgusting  ad for Doritos, I'll likely never eat one again. Probably not the reaction they were looking for, but this could lead the way to a whole new diet industry - vomit-inducing advertising. Aside from that commercial, the worst part of last night was the Black Eyed Peas. I would have been as surprised as the majority of my twitter stream when they defaced the song from Dirty Dancing, but since I have an 11-year old daughter who didn't inherit my musical [...]

Fighting for Freedom

Things turned very ugly in Egypt yesterday as the world watched the people fight for freedom. It's been a week of inspiration mixed with sadness and joy, and anxiety and fear for friends we've never met. Many of us here in America are reaching out to show the Egyptian people that we stand with them.  From my conversation yesterday with an employee at the Cairo Marriott (scroll down to the next post if you haven't yet heard it!) to the presence of some familiar faces in Cairo calling for peace, we realize what a small world it truly is. Medea [...]

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