No, WTMI isn’t some new radio station.  It stands for Way Too Much Information.

I often bemoan the problems foisted upon the rest of us by low information voters.  But in the case of the George Zimmerman murder trial, too many people are getting too much information and are way too obsessed with the minute details of every aspect of this case.

The media keeps hyping it to cash in on the ratings bonanza it’ll provide, and America is hanging on every word.

This circus will end in a few weeks, and the six women on the jury will deliver a verdict.  Either way they go, a lot of people who are obsessed with this case will be pissed. whipped into a frenzy by the pundits on cable “news” who are acting as if the future of our civilized society hangs in the balance.  And it just might.

I’ve long wondered what it will take to blow the pressure cooker that’s been slowly simmering in this country with the middle class descending into poverty, the poor getting poorer, the long-term unemployed being forgotten, 1 in 5 American children going to bed hungry as the wealthy Republicans in Congress keep voting to cut assistance for them while demanding that poor, unemployed, uninsured pregnant women don’t have access to the choice of a safe, legal abortion.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

What will it take to get Americans out in the streets? Perhaps a verdict that they don’t like in this trial could be the spark.  Perhaps everyone should just step away from the live feed.

This morning on the show, I spoke with Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny and the Blue America PAC about the way forward — electing real progressives!  Yes, we spoke about a lot more too…

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