20160118 Nicole Sandler Show – Debate Bern

Nicole Sandler recaps last night's Democratic Debate with the help of media strategist and trainer, Joel Silberman. Plus, as gas prices continue falling, Nicole speaks with Vagif Sharifov, Caspian oil markets expert from Trend News Agency based in the oil rich country of Azerbaijan.

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12-30-15 Nicole Sandler Show – The Best and the Worst of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we can't wait to see what the New Year has in store. Today, Deborah Newell Tornello joins in for one final 2015 romp through the Oy FloriDUH files. And continuing an annual tradition, The Nation's John Nichols joins in to run down their 2015 Progressive Honor Roll.

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3-5-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Moronic Men and Fabulous Females

Today, Nicole talks about the lack of progress here in the US regarding equal rights for all. One prime example is the GOP's continued efforts to stop everyone from having access to health care. CAP's Ian Millhiser guests to explain what happened at the Supreme Court yesterday. In hour two, Amy Simon with some Fabulous Female Facts to inform you for Women's History Month

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Ship of Fools

We're setting sail to the place on the map from which no one has ever returned Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool by the light of the crosses that burned. Drawn by the promise of the women and the lace and the gold and the cotton and pearls It's the place where they keep all the darkness you need. You sail away from the light of the world on this trip, baby. You will pay tomorrow You're gonna pay tomorrow You will pay tomorrow Save me. Save me from tomorrow I don't want to sail with [...]

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At Least We’re Not Freezing!

So we've got that going for us. This weekend, I attended the "First Annual" Lauderdale Live Music Festival.  I put "first annual" in quotes because the organizers were confident enough to include that in its promotional materials, but given the anemic attendance, I can't imagine there will be a second annual outing. And that's too bad. I was surprised when I saw the lineup, as bands I love like Lyle Lovett, Indigo Girls and Robert Randolph don't often venture down to these parts. We have no decent radio who'd ever played any of those artists, and a weird population mix [...]

Hate, Lies and Sabotage

  The News used to be the news, but no more.  Now what we get is infotainment - not necessarily the news, and not necessarily factual, but presented as if it is both.  The problem is that the average TV viewer can't tell the difference - and the corporations that control the broadcast licences for the outlets that propagate  these "stories" don't care. They lie to advance an ideology.  They promote hate and the sabotage of our country and its laws. If I sound cynical, it's because I am.  I don't know that there's any way out of this morass. [...]

Wednesday Women!

Today on my show, I welcomed Sally Kohn, the liberal who often appears on Fox to challenge their craziness.  Her piece, "I was An Obamacare Guinea Pig" is making right wing heads explode.  She'll also join me on Randi's show this afternoon. Susie Madrak of Crooks and Liars joined in to talk about how the Republicans can dish our the slams but can't take them.  Her example was their anger at Congressman Alan Grayson for calling the teabaggers out as less popular than the Klan! I also exposed the GOP as a bunch of pathological liars... I'll continue that discussion later [...]

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