Who can forget that image? That’s the gunman, whose name I don’t care to remember, who gunned down 33 people in cold blood. He was mentally unstable, and he was able to buy a gun and ammunition.

In Texas, in 2007, shortly after the Stand Your Ground or Kill at Will bill was passed, a shotgun-armed man decided to shoot and kill two men who broke into his neighbor’s house, even though the cop on the 911 call with him told him, explicitly, not to.  Hear it for yourself:

Quite chilling. You can hear the guy firing the shotgun that killed those two men, even after the 911 operator on the phone with him repeatedly said to stay in his house and put down the gun. The guy was never prosecuted.

This morning on the show, I spoke with Lisa Graves, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief at the Center for Media and Democracy (prwatch.org and ALECexposed.org), and was the Chief Counsel for Nominations for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice, among other posts.  We talked about the spread of this “stand your ground” law around the country, pushed by ALEC, the NRA and Wal-Mart!

GottaLaff joined in the second hour.  She brought us the stories below, but our conversation soon degenerated into something else entirely!

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