Oh Captain, My Captain

The world lost a real treasure yesterday. Robin Williams gave us the gift of countless verses, of howls of hilarity, gleeful giggles and even snort-inducing snickers. For the laughs, I'll be forever grateful. But he also had the ability to get truly serious, and to bring us to tears. His performances in Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire and even the under-appreciated Jumanji are among my favorites. But there were so many more thought-provoking, risk-taking roles (What Dreams May Come comes to mind) that made up the wealth of work he'll leave behind and insure [...]

The FloriDUH files

A jury in FloriDUH found the killer of Jordan Davis guilty of the attempted murder of the three teens he didn't kill when he shot 10 rounds into the SUV that was playing loud music, but couldn't come to a verdict on the murder charge against him for actually killing Jordan Davis. In honor of Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin and the other innocent victims of "Stand Your Ground" whose names we don't know, I give you this song from Patty Griffin: Today is a President's Day double-header... so pardon my brevity, but I'm heading up to Randi Rhodes' studio to [...]

Geraldo, ALEC and the Cooch

  Oh  Geraldo.  Don't you know that the internet is forever?  That is just nothing I wanted to see... but Geraldo Rivera wanted to show off his 70-year old bod, so tweeted this selfie: He later deleted it, but just as we can't "un-see" it, he can't undo it.  Yuck! While you try to get that image out of your mind, think about Melissa Harris-Perry's segment on Virginia's Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli's obsession with what you do in your bedroom.   I particularly enjoyed her hand motions every time she talks about certain sexual acts that the [...]

Absurdity Thursday

Stepping away from my usual "opposite world" meme - in honor of Absurdity Today's Julianna Forlano's regular Thursday appearance, we deem today "Absurdity Thursday". I started this morning's show with the intention of lightening things up after a really awful week.  But as the show progressed and we talked about the stories we didn't get to earlier in the week, I realized that each was more absurd than the last... from McDonald's starting a financial planning site (be sure to look at the numbers they filled in on page 4)  to show their obscenely underpaid employees that they can, indeed, support a [...]

Juror B37 and Other Judicial Travesties

During yesterday's show, I read a news alert that said that the juror in the George Zimmerman murder trial known only as B37 had signed a book deal, and noted that there was something truly troubling about that. But a woman who goes by the handle @MoreAndAgain on Twitter didn't stop there.  She was so troubled by the prospect of this example of what's wrong with our judicial system (see video below) that she amassed some information about the agent and the publisher and using twitter, effectively, in just a few hours killed the book deal! About that juror.  Above, [...]

Killing in America

Who can forget that image? That's the gunman, whose name I don't care to remember, who gunned down 33 people in cold blood. He was mentally unstable, and he was able to buy a gun and ammunition. In Texas, in 2007, shortly after the Stand Your Ground or Kill at Will bill was passed, a shotgun-armed man decided to shoot and kill two men who broke into his neighbor's house, even though the cop on the 911 call with him told him, explicitly, not to.  Hear it for yourself: Quite chilling. You can hear the guy firing the shotgun that [...]

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(No) Hate

Hate is what got us here. Hate is what killed Trayvon Martin. Hate for anything doesn't conform to certain beliefs is what's motivating the war on women, and the war on health care.  Hate is what is responsible for wars.  If we could get rid of the hatred and encourage compassion for people who are different then we might have hope for the future. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem very likely. This morning, I played this video, brought to my attention by Nicole Belle. What kind of hatred on the part of self-righteous lawmakers would make this woman, Lauren Zuniga, have [...]

Trayvon Martin and FloriDUH

A 17-year old black man named Trayvon Martin was the victim of a racist murderer who is standing behind the law, know as "Stand Your Ground."  The only thing more heinous is that the police in Sanford, Florida have let him do it. Not only is the murderer a racist, but Trayvon Martin is the victim of a hate crime.  The evidence is right there in George Zimmerman's 911 call.  Here's the whole thing: If you listen closely, right around the 2:22 mark, you'll hear Mr. Zimmerman, under his breath, mutter "Fucking coons". Listen here: The news broke this morning [...]

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