3-15-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Monday Money, Music and More with Jill Sobule

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   It's Monday, the start of a new week. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their surrogates head out on the road today to "sell" the American Rescue Plan that he signed into law on Thursday. By now, many of us have seen those $1400 payments hit our bank accounts - or will soon. And hopefully, things will start to improve after four years of ugliness and widespread hate. I'll recap you on the latest news and share a few other items of interest... [...]

3-20-20 Nicole Sandler Show – What To Do When You’re Sheltering with Jill Sobule and More

Download here or click below to play   We're headed into the weekend when many Americans will be sheltering at home, either by official order or by common sense. Today, I have some ideas to help you through the next few days, anyway. First, my plea to go adopt or foster a shelter animal. I'll speak with animal advocate Wendy Schugar-Martin about a program she's hoping to convince our local shelter to adopt. If you're interested in the program she put together to help get animals out of the shelter even if they're closed to the public, you can email [...]

9-21-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Music & Politics with Jill Sobule

Nicole gives her final What's News report of the week and then gets ready for the weekend. Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule's new album Nostalgia Kills is out and Jill's driving across the country on tour. She'll join us from the road to talk about how she's coping with Trump in the White House, and to hear some of her new songs. Check out her website at jillsobule.com.

8-9-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Life Isn’t Fair

  If life were fair, we wouldn't be looking at a presidential election with the two worst possible candidates as the major party nominees. Sometimes you just get handed a shit sandwich. That's how I'm feeling right now. I'm off for a couple of days to meet with doctors and find the surgeon to remove the cancerous tumor that's growing in my left lung. Shit sandwich it is. Today, I spoke with two wonderful women who both had me laughing. Singer/songwriter and political animal Jill Sobule joined in. She's been promising for a few years now to record a new [...]

8-28-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Storm Brewing

As we wrap up a week most of us would prefer to forget, Nicole takes us back six years to Sept 1, 2009 and Air America Radio. She broadcast her show from LA that week, and had some special guests. Today, we'll listen to her visit from singer/songwriter Jill Sobule and music legend Don Was! Julianna Forlano helps recap the week in absurd news too.

California Dreaming – Inequality and Music Edition

It's Friday! Today, Nicole Sandler talks with journalist Maria Bustillos about her CA road trip covering inequality in California for Capital & Main. Her Flashback Friday musical segment takes us back to Sept 2009 and Air America Radio, as Nicole did her show from LA with special guests Jill Sobule and Don Was.

Flashback Friday

As much as we'd like to Flashback to before Tuesday, we spent the first hour dissecting what happened. CBS4/Miami's Jim DeFede helped unpack what happened in Florida, and the Campaign for America's Future's Dave Johnson told us about what went wrong nationally and gave a preview of next week's action against the TPP. In hour two, we went back to 2000 for my interviews with musicians Colin Hay of Men at Work and Jill Sobule.

Whining About Women, and Song (04/23/2014)

  Jon Stewart almost nailed it last night when he ended his segment on the right wing double standard for women by saying "It's alright to be a pussy as long as you've got a dick." But he left off the last four words that would have made that statement 100% correct: "if you're a Republican." Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars sent me this clip to discuss when she joined in during the first hour of the show today.... Their double standard really is astounding. They demean Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Clinton as "too emotional" - yet applaud the [...]

Because Everything is Better With Music

Music and Politics- my two areas of passion. And sometimes they come together. It was a little of both this morning on the show. Rand Paul delivered an absolutely absurd speech yesterday at Howard University.  Alternet's Adele Stan who graciously joined in on today's show to give her eyewitness account, wrote about it in a piece called "Rand Paul Explains Black History to Black People." Julianna Forlano just returned from the National Conference for Media Reform, and told us about it, whistleblowers, lack of privacy and more this morning, plus weighed in on the possibility of Anthony Weiner jumping back [...]

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