As this week comes to an end, I’d love to be able to really flash back to better times. Sadly, we can still only do that as we usher in the weekends by way of musical journeys.

Today we went back to 2000 for my visit with Men at Work’s Colin Hay, and for a fun session with Jill Sobule. I figured we could use a double dose of musical medicine today.

We started the show here in Floriduh-where it must be the humidity that turns people’s brains to mush. I called on my old friend and former colleague Jim DeFede, host of CBS4’s “Facing South Florida” to help us navigate the swamps.

And Dave Johnson, fellow and blogger at the Campaign for America’s Future  (truly a site you need to bookmark, chock full of great writing) who told us about yesterday’s webinar (that was so full I couldn’t get in!) dissecting the past and planning for the future.

We know what went wrong. To fix the problem, we need big changes in the party itself. To be continued.

Life goes on – and will likely be even tougher for the next two years. And we still have work to do. As Dave Johnson reminded us, tomorrow begins a week of action against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Fast Track authority the president is asking for.

No rest for the weary, I’m afraid.

And finally, Joni Mitchell is 71 years old today. Back in 1998 as her album Taming the Tiger was being released, I got to interview her for print. I have the interview on tape, but it wasn’t recorded for broadcast, and we were talking as she was eating lunch… Rather than air an interview that wasn’t intended for that purpose, I figured I’d share the article for which the interview was conducted.

Nicole Sandler with Joni Mitchell – 1998

Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell!

I’ll be back Monday for another edition of Not-the-Steve-Israel Hour with Howie Klein! (Do you have a suggestion for the new name for that segment? Click here to give your ideas.)