12-15 debate1

Last night we saw the 5th GOP debate of the 2016 presidential election cycle. It seems like they’ve had more, for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that each debate is actually TWO debates. 

After last night, under normal circumstances, the field would be winnowed down considerably by this morning. But there’s nothing normal about this group or this year.

We were able to sneak our hidden microphones to hear what was going on in the thought bubbles of the candidates and, miraculously, the audio was the same for each of them. Listen:

Ugh. This morning, I ran through some of the more infuriating moments, interspersed with some that were funny, some sad, and some simply frightening.

More analyses tomorrow with Harvey J. Kaye.

I figured that, after all the right wing crazy, we could use some fun and music. Jill Sobule is an amazing singer/songwriter who you’ll probably remember from her appearance at Netroots Nation in Minneapolis a few years back where she introduced this song…


Jill is also a political junkie who watches right wing television for the comedy factor, and is a big Bernie Sanders supporter. 

She even debuted a new song on the show this morning, a Schoolhouse Rock inspired ditty all about what Democratic Socialism means!

She’s got all kinds of great stuff on her website at JillSobule.com – and she will answer if you email her 🙂 While you’re there, check out her cool holiday swag!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Harvey and Howie… radio or not!