As the eyes of the nation are on New Orleans as we remember Katrina on the 10th anniversary, we here in South Florida are keeping a watch on the National Hurricane Center’s advisories and Tropical Storm Erika, who looks ready to to take a ride right up through the center of the state beginning early Monday morning. So, depending on the weather, I’ll either be back with a new, live show, or it’ll be a repeat on auto pilot! Stay tuned!

This morning, Julianna Forlano helped me wrap up one of the worst weeks in recent memory before we headed into Flashback Friday territory.

Instead of going way back to my music radio days in Los Angeles, today we went back six years to Sept. 1, 2006 when I was hosting the late night show on Air America Radio. That week, I was broadcasting live from Los Angeles, and that night I was joined in the studio by legendary record producer/musician Don Was and singer/songwriter Jill Sobule