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We’re headed into the weekend when many Americans will be sheltering at home, either by official order or by common sense. Today, I have some ideas to help you through the next few days, anyway.

First, my plea to go adopt or foster a shelter animal. I’ll speak with animal advocate Wendy Schugar-Martin about a program she’s hoping to convince our local shelter to adopt. If you’re interested in the program she put together to help get animals out of the shelter even if they’re closed to the public, you can email her directly at Wendy (at)

And we’ll visit with my old friend, singer-songwriter Jill Sobule, who’s participating in Shut In and Sing, an online concert series. Her set is tomorrow (Saturday) night. And stay tuned… she’s going to try to arrange for a full set sometime in the next week or so. We’ll keep you posted….

Items to share from today’s show…

The NY Times article I mentioned, Stuck at Home, Americans Turn to Foster Pets for Companionship”

Today’s My Corona song parody, courtesy of Chris Mann


And today’s song from Lauren Mayer too…