3-25-16 Nicole Sandler Show – It’s Friday, That’s Good!

It’s Good Friday. Nicole likes to end the week on a lighter note, so today she welcomes comedian & host of the Indie Bohemians podcast, Ron Placone to the show to talk about his experience touring colleges and feeling the Bern. Plus your phone calls, Saturday caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington State, and a Flashback Friday musical blast from Nicole’s radio past… Billy Bragg from August 27, 2009 on Air America radio!

California Dreaming – Inequality and Music Edition

It's Friday! Today, Nicole Sandler talks with journalist Maria Bustillos about her CA road trip covering inequality in California for Capital & Main. Her Flashback Friday musical segment takes us back to Sept 2009 and Air America Radio, as Nicole did her show from LA with special guests Jill Sobule and Don Was.

1-21-15 Five Years Later

On the fifth anniversary of The Nicole Sandler Show's move from Air America radio online (due to the demise of AAR) and the Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United, Nicole begins the next five years recapping last night's State of the Union address by wondering how different things would be if President Obama governed as he spoke last night! Guests are Susie Madrak and Cliff Schecter

1-21-15 Happy Anniversary to Us!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, January 20, 1015   The Nicole Sandler Show Celebrates Five Years of Radio or Not!   CORAL SPRINGS, FL – January 21, 2015 will mark the 5th anniversary of The Nicole Sandler Show at radioornot.com, featuring an entertaining mix of news and commentary, long-form interviews on the issues of the day, with a generous sprinkling of comedy, music and fun. The story begins on January 21, 2010, when free speech in America took two devastating hits.   On the same day the Supreme Court issued its decision in the Citizens United case, overturning more than a [...]

Seneca Falls, Selma and Stonewall!

Today is President Obama's 2nd Inaugural, MLK Day, the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the third anniversary of Citizens United and the end of Air America. Nicole talk about all of those, and speaks with Toi Hutchinson, running for Congress to fill Jesse Jackson Jr's old seat. Plus Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill

It’s All Just A Little Bit of History Repeating!

It's odd that on the day that the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons when it comes to first amendment rights, the corporation that I worked for died. There will be no funeral or burial for Air America, just a lot of people either mourning its loss or cheering its demise, and Monday morning quarterbacking why and how it failed. All I know is that I've been here before. A couple of times. Many of my listeners know that I came to talk radio from the music side. I had the opportunity to be part of a radio station [...]

Life Goes On or Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

***Post corrected! The new time for The Nicole Sandler Show, beginning Monday Jan. 25, is 6-8pm ET.  You can find the links to watch/listen right here at RadioOrNot.com *** It's been a really rough week. It started last Sunday, when my boyfriend and I realized it was time to put his dog down. Orion was 12 years old, and had suffered for the last year from oral melanoma. Despite David's superhuman efforts, love and ridiculous amount of money spent, Orion closed his eyes for the last time Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday, Scott Brown won the Senate seat held by Ted [...]

Air America Radio – RIP, but Radio or Not lives on!

I'll have to really take some time to put together a fitting eulogy for the company who helped bring a progressive message to a country inundated with right wing propaganda. But for now, I'm focused on getting through tonight's show. Yes, you heard right. I will do a live show tonight in my former 11pm-1am ET timeslot on Air America.  On the left hand side of the page you'll see a screen that will go live when the show begins at 11pm. Today brought such bad news from the Supreme Court, and I spent all day putting together a show [...]

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