6-2-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Travel Advisory Redux, and Howie Klein Too

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   It's Thursday, so Howie Klein is here with tales of corrupt dark money being deployed against progressives, and who is supposedly coordinating the attacks. There's so much about which you need to be aware. So listen to Howie. But before he gets here, I have a few things to discuss with you. This nation's obsession with guns is sick, and people are dying. Back in 2013, after a few more of these horrific attacks including Sandy Hook where 20 first graders were [...]

9-4-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Our Gun Violence Epidemic and Shopping for Good

 The world's gone mad, and there are only so many topics we can handle in one day. So while Dorian churns and the Amazon burns, we'll get through as much of it as possible. With our nation's gun epidemic seemingly getting worse, we'll tackle the issue of guns today with Penny Okamoto, Director of GVPedia, the gun violence database. And she also mentioned checking out the Denver Accord. Before we get into guns with Penny, we'll fill you in on an app I discovered that lets you make informed decisions about which companies to patronize based on their political [...]

Entire VIDEO: Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum including Bernie Sanders on guns

I couldn't resist using the image above, because regardless of who you support, you gotta admit, it's a pretty awesome bumper sticker. Last night the Brown and Black Democratic Presidential Forum took place in Iowa. All three candidates sat down for about a half hour each and answered questions from the hosts and from audience members.This was not a debate. Nonono, the DNC has limited the Dem candidates to a minimum number of debates that are inexplicably held at times that pretty much guarantee smaller audiences. Republican debates, on the other hand, are having much better exposure on way more and better nights [...]

Not One More

Richard Martinez is my hero. In the wake of the worst tragedy of his life, the murder of his only son, Martinez understands that his grief can spur change, and that he only has a brief window before our attention turns elsewhere. From the first time we saw him crash the Santa Barbara Sheriff's presser to call out the "craven politicians and the NRA" as being responsible for his son's death, to the numerous interviews in which he's spoken so eloquently, to yesterday's memorial at UCSB where he got tens of thousands in attendance to take to their feet to shout [...]

#YesAllWomen and “Chris’s Dad is Right”

I started seeing the #YesAllWomen hastag on Twitter sometime over the weekend. Even when a few people Tweeted telling me to follow it, I didn't make the connection between that and the massacre in Santa Barbara on Friday evening. I found the Tweets fascinating, and began searching for the story behind it. Though I still don't know where it started or by whom, the message is resonating with millions of people globally. I came across a beautiful essay this morning in The New Yorker, written by Sasha Weiss, "The Power of #YesAllWomen" . In the piece, Weiss tells how the hashtag [...]

Memorial Day- Remembering Those Killed in Battle and On Our Streets

  On Memorial Day, we remember those killed in battle. I think that now includes those who were gunned down on the streets of Anytown, USA. On Friday night, it was the Isla Vista community at UC Santa Barbara. You probably didn't hear about the three people killed and two wounded in two separate shooting incidents yesterday in Myrtle Beach, SC . If you think mass shootings happen way too often in the US, you'd be correct. If your stomach can handle it, read Mother Jones' "Guide to Mass Shootings in America", updated on May 24 to include Santa Barbara. Sadly, [...]

I’d Take Away The Guns

  Earlier this week, on the eve of Passover, a well-known and well-documented racist anti-Semite opened fire on two Jewish centers in Kansas, killing three people. And this week, egged on by the "Patriots" at Faux News and hate talk radio, scores of gun nuts showed up, weapons in hand, to fight back against the gubmint officials who dared to try to collect the million dollars in fees owed by a crazy rancher in Nevada for 20+ years of allowing his cattle to graze federal lands and ignoring the fees. Susie Madrak of Crooks and Liars pointed out that Sean [...]

Travel Advisory: The United States is Not Safe

WARNING: TRAVEL IN THE US AT YOUR OWN RISK This graphic shows the Mass Shooting/Killing incidents since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009. The shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., on Monday marks the 20th time since Barack Obama took office that there has been a mass killing incident. Using data compiled by Mother Jones magazine, we created an animated map to show, month-by-month, what that toll looks like. According to that data, 174 people have lost their lives since January 2009 in such incidents. The incidents must meet several criteria: four or more killed, it must have been [...]

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