Not One More

Richard Martinez is my hero. In the wake of the worst tragedy of his life, the murder of his only son, Martinez understands that his grief can spur change, and that he only has a brief window before our attention turns elsewhere. From the first time we saw him crash the Santa Barbara Sheriff's presser to call out the "craven politicians and the NRA" as being responsible for his son's death, to the numerous interviews in which he's spoken so eloquently, to yesterday's memorial at UCSB where he got tens of thousands in attendance to take to their feet to shout [...]

#YesAllWomen and “Chris’s Dad is Right”

I started seeing the #YesAllWomen hastag on Twitter sometime over the weekend. Even when a few people Tweeted telling me to follow it, I didn't make the connection between that and the massacre in Santa Barbara on Friday evening. I found the Tweets fascinating, and began searching for the story behind it. Though I still don't know where it started or by whom, the message is resonating with millions of people globally. I came across a beautiful essay this morning in The New Yorker, written by Sasha Weiss, "The Power of #YesAllWomen" . In the piece, Weiss tells how the hashtag [...]

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