10-10-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Monday with Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel explains it all)

  Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!) Today's another information download day as Marcy Wheeler returns. At emptywheel.net, Marcy reports on issues of national security and other matters of importance, and has distinguished herself as one of the best journalists covering all aspects of the attack on our democracy and the efforts to hold the former guy and his enablers accountable. You will not find anyone who's on top of all of the January 6 progress and prosecutions, and the intrigue surrounding it all. Her appearances on this [...]

6-21-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Public Hearings Day 4, Plus Bad SCOTUS Too

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   It was another devastating day of testimony as the House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol, today focusing on Trump's scheme to get states to throw out the legitimate electors to steal the election for him. We heard from AZ and GA officials-- The Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, and Georgia's top two election officials Gabe Sterling and Brad Raffensberger, all Republicans who understood that it's the Constitution over party and all stood [...]

12-28-20 Nicole Sandler Show – The Sedition of Lame Donald Duck Trump

Download here or click below to play   It's been a long five days since we last got together on Christmas Eve Eve, but that's expected at the end of a year that's felt like a decade! Rather than recount it all here, I'll update everyone at the top of the show. The bottom line is that Trump finally signed the COVID relief and omnibus funding bill combination, but not until he exerted maximum pain on the American people. The House is voting today on raising the dollar amount of checks going out to the American people and overturning Trump's [...]

11-23-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Traitorous, Treasonous Trump

Download here or click below to play   Donald Trump routinely throws around the "treason" accusation, always wrongly. But when viewing his actions since election day, I think the charge sticks to him! I know we're not officially at war, but he is guilty of the crime of betraying his country, which is the definition of "treasonous". Some are saying he's guilty of sedition, rather than treason. I thought it was time to call in an expert. So I'm joined today by Carlton F.W. Larson. Larson is Professor of Law at US/Davis, where he teaches American Constitutional Law and legal [...]

11-20-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Coup or No Coup? with John Nichols & ‘Boca’ Brit Somers

Download here or click below to play   We wrap up another week today with the squatters in the White House trying to upend democracy and reverse the results of the election. I'll have the latest on Trump's attempts to subvert the will of the people in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. John Nichols, National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation, joins us from Wisconsin, where the orange one has demanded another recount that won't change anything. In the second part of the show, I'm joined by "Boca" Britany Somers. This week has been Transgender Awareness Week, and today is Transgender Remembrance [...]

When Is Enough Finally Enough? (04/24/2014)

I honestly don't know what it's going to take to get people mobilized to fight back against the madness. Let's just look at some of the events from just this month, shall we? April began with the Supreme Court doubling down on it's heinous Citizens United decision by ruling in favor of  McCutcheon in doing away with individual caps on contributions in any election cycle, giving us the ridiculous "money equals speech" paradigm. Unfortunately, the simple "If A=B, then B=A equation is proven false, as the IRS won't allow me to use speech to pay the $5750 penalty they're charging me [...]

I’d Take Away The Guns

  Earlier this week, on the eve of Passover, a well-known and well-documented racist anti-Semite opened fire on two Jewish centers in Kansas, killing three people. And this week, egged on by the "Patriots" at Faux News and hate talk radio, scores of gun nuts showed up, weapons in hand, to fight back against the gubmint officials who dared to try to collect the million dollars in fees owed by a crazy rancher in Nevada for 20+ years of allowing his cattle to graze federal lands and ignoring the fees. Susie Madrak of Crooks and Liars pointed out that Sean [...]

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